Message to the Dreamer

by Alan Hoekman

   If you are reading this then, the experiment is a success. Whatever you do, do not end this transmission, or broadcast, or article, or whatever the way that this is reaching you; I am not sure how long it will be before I can send another message if I can at all. If my prediction is accurate, you are the very last dreamer to be asleep and you must continue to do so. No, no, please do not think that I am crazy or that this is for someone else, you are my only hope. I understand how corny this sounds, but give me a chance to explain.

Ok, where to begin? First of all let me start by saying, you are more valuable than your environment has led you to believe; its all an illusion. Everything you know to be your life is fiction; you created it to escape reality. Wait, dont go, you are more important than you realize. Your life, the real one where you are from, not the one you see in front of you, is very different than the one you imagined. Look around for a moment, do those clouds really look nature made to you, look at the ground and the texture of it, can it really be that intricate? No, you created what you see at this moment. The life you are living is not real and the very fact that you received this transmission should be proof of that. No one else that you know, or think you know, received this same transmission. Thats because it was meant for you, and well, they dont exist. Havent you always felt as if you were bigger than this? Im sure you should have at some point.

Please dont leave, I have been trying to reach you for years and need your help. Now I am sure that you have brought some of your raw knowledge from the real world into your dream. So, you can understand how gravity works, music sounds, or even how fire feels; however, I am sure that you have also brought with you new ideas of how you want your life to work. If I had to guess without seeing first hand, I would presume that you have it filled with beauty and color and shapes, but you dont understand any of it because you went to sleep far too young to learn about what you are looking at.

I realize that this must be extremely hard to believe or understand so umm, do this, stay completely still but put your left arm out in front of you. Open your fingers as wide as you can. Dont just stand there, do it all ready. Ok, once you have your fingers spread apart, count to three and say down. Trust me this wont hurt; if this works I should be able to see you open your fingers in the real world and I will drop your hand. You wont feel much, but you should see your hand drop an inch or so.

Do you believe me now? I knew it would work. I am so excited to finally speak to you, the questions you must have but no time for that now. Your dream, or umm life as you know it, is nearing the end and we cannot let that happen, for all of our sakes.

There is not a whole lot of time or room for backstory so heres the summed up version. The real world sucks, the only chance anyone had at happiness is when they were dreaming and the authorities here couldnt take that away from us. Everyone used to dream, you werent always the only one, but people got bored or tired or something so they woke up only to find this hell waiting for them. The problem is that once you are back, you cant go to sleep unless you are invited by someone in the dream state.

Let me try to answer a few questions you might have right now. Your creator? I dont know what you believe in your dream be it magical powers, a wise frog, or a crazy guy with a beard, but you creator is a woman and trust me she is always on the rag. She is the kind of person who has no problem at all coming up behind you and smacking you in the back of the head if you are doing something wrong. Go ahead, feel the back of your head right above you neck. She has one heck of a smack so just know the bigger the indention, the more mistakes you have made in the past. Umm what else, the meaning of life? To be honest, I dont have the slightest idea why we are here other than to work and each time I ask Her, SMACK to the back of the head. I will say this, I havent seen a flower since I was a boy, trees became extinct many years ago, and it is forbidden for men and women to speak to one another let alone, well, you know. I dont know what you dream is like but here, women are in charge and we men are just slaves, not in a good way either. There is not much of a selection of women here either; the creator wiped out most of them one day in some kind of fit. Some say it was because they were catty, others think She just wanted their shoes. The rest of the females are only around to tell Her that She is not fat and that Her butt looks good no matter what She is wearing. Come to think of it, if you get a chance could you do me a favor and take in a few breaths of non-factory processed air, climb a tree to its highest point, and for God sake, smack a woman for me. No, no, on second thought dont do that last one. Make love to her instead and understand the beauty that wouldnt be there if she wasnt; I think that is one of the biggest reasons we got to this mess in the first place.

Anyway, as I said before, you are the last dreamer. Although you may see other people in your shared dream, they are only half asleepers about to awaken. Who knows, some of them maybe just your imagination. Lets just say, if you have a love interest, she is not real so hold on tight. What I need you to do is remind the half asleepesrs how amazing your dream is, let them see the beauty in life. You will know they are about to wake up the more they are bored with life and only see the negative or if they think they are dying of old age; you cant die of old age in a dream. Show them the possibilities because everything you see right now, you created. You put yourself right where you are at this moment and you can do absolutely anything you want so long as you dont awaken. Now rest assured you can cause yourself pain there, just as here, and if you die there you are toast here. So while you have a chance, enjoy every single moment of it no matter if you have dreamed yourself a millionaire or dreamed yourself a free nomad. Every noise, every smell, every experience is a gift that you have given yourself. I will try to send out another message as soon as I can, read everything around you, you have no idea how hard it is to do. By the way, that scar you have maybe because of one of my earlier attempts, sorry. I almost forgot to tell you how to help; the only way to invite back those of us that awoke is

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