Sometimes Opposites Attract

by Melvin Nguyen

It was just another regular day for two men with two different backgrounds both having to wake up early in the morning to start their day. One is a notorious gang-leader who rules with a iron fist the other is a well known police detective considered the best in the city. They both look at themselves in the mirror, both arent happy with what they see. While brushing his teeth the detectives wife starts to haggle him about minor problems he ignores her and continues to get ready for work.

His daughter comes up to him and ask Dad can you take me out to the mall?

He says No I have to go to work today

She responds angrily You always have to work she then runs off to her room slamming the door.

The gang-leaders girlfriend starts screaming at him for coming home late last night asking questions like who were you with last night ,Why are you never at home she continues to bash him with more questions doubting his faith to their relationship. He decides not to say anything and leaves the house.

The gangster turns on his phone and sees he has many miss calls and text messages from his drug-addicted customers, he would usually call back but today he decided not to deal with anyone so he just keeps driving straight in his car. The police detective is on his way to work, but instead of taking a right turn to the police station he takes a left thinking to himself I dont want to put on a fake smile today. Both men keep driving not knowing where their heading.

They both reached a small park with no one there. It was hot outside so the gangster takes off his shirt wearing just a tank top showing his tattoos he then sits down on a bench. The police man sees the him sitting down and could clearly tell he was a gang member from his tattoos. He would have put the man in handcuffs and start to interrogate him, but instead he sat down next to the man and offered him a cigarette. The gang-leader could tell he was a cop because his badge was showing, he thought to himself to run away but accepted the cigarette.

Starting off with small talk then going into deep discussion about their life and problems at home their sadden faces turned into laughter enjoying the others stories.On a normal day these two would be enemies , but they were talking like long time friends. It started to get late so they both went their separate ways. On the way home both men realized they werent so different.

In the end they both quit their job and changed their life style.

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