Darkness Born of Light

by Jordan Wellnitz

Angels and demons,

Light and dark.

One cannot exist without the other,

Yet they constantly try to eradicate each other.

The funny thing is,

If you believe the texts,

Demons were born from angels.

Lucifer fell from his heavenly home,

And became the father of demons.

A one way trip.

You can fall from grace,

But you can never return to it.

Once an angel falls,

And is transformed from light to dark,

It can never return home

Because it will never be the same.

Once a creature of the light

Chooses the darkness, it can never retain

The same luminosity it once had.

As Virgil once said,

facilis decensus averni,

the descent into hell is easy.

Darkness cannot exist without

Light, because the light creates


The dark.

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