A Brief Description of You

by Jordan Wellnitz

I could not even begin to count the ways that I love you.

Nor could I describe how perfect you are in my eyes.

You have eyes the color of chocolate,

So deep and dark

And, yet, so bright.

The kind of brightness that chases darkness away-

Darkness of the soul,

Darkness created by memories that I would rather forget.

You have a smile so pure and rare

That I cannot help but to smile in return.

What began as a mass of coal

Has been transformed into a diamond of the highest quality

Through years of pain and hardship.

A life that should have broken you

Instead strengthened you,

Polishing you into the unique, powerful, amazing person you are today.

You have a strong, independent attitude that is almost magnetic.

You exude such magnanimous confidence that it is awe-inspiring.

Your humor is untarnished by your suffering.

Despite all youve been through,

And my relentless attempts to help,

You shoulder every burden,

Yours and anyone elses you can get your hands on,

By yourself.

You are a rock that has not been weathered by the test of time.


You are a flame burning brightly during the pitch black chaos of a storm.

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