What You Have Given Me

by Jordan Wellnitz

Many balk at me for choosing you,

Though I do not feel as though I chose you.

Choosing involves a conscientious decision

And falling in love with you was most certainly not conscious.

It was more like they describe it in fairy tales.

There was a spark of something fantastic from the moment I met you,

But I refuse to say it was love at first sight

For that is far too clich.

All I knew for certain was the you were different

And you would open my world,

My mind,

To so many new things.

You are so very different than anyone else in my life.

You are brash, blunt, and reckless.

You show no concern for what others think

And you refuse to roll over for anyone.

You are so opposite from everything that I grew up knowing.

My life has been so careful and polite

With so much emphasis on what others thought.

With such stark contrast,

It is no wonder people find it so odd.

But, thanks to your influence, I no longer care.

You bring me such a feeling of glorious freedom.

I have such a terrifying trust in you

(I say terrifying because in the time I have known you, I have not doubted you once),

In your words and actions.

You have shown me what love is supposed to be like,

Not constricting as I have known in the past

But freeing and light,

Despite any hardships.

You have brought me such a feeling of peace and happiness

That the insane weight I have felt on myshoulders is no longer there,

For you have given me such strength

That I feel anything is possible.

With you by my side,


Anything just might be.

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