An Uncut Vacation

by Shawn Thompson

The Uncut Vacation

Chapter 1

It was a cold December night in the mountains of Tennessee. A group of friends all had split a cabin for the weekend. Everyone had gone to bed and curled up under the warm blankets with their significant others. Everyone that is, except Tommy and Angela.

Tommy and Angela had just met that day through mutual friends who invited them on this vacation trip. When Tommy and Angela met, they were both instantly attracted to each other. Angela had dark hair, and blue eyes, and a sexy curvy body. She was a goddess. Tommy was instantly mesmerized by her. She was everything he could possibly want in a woman. Tommy had dark hair, and hazel eyes. He wasnt too short or too tall. He was muscular but not in a Abercrombie and Fitch model way. He was a mans man. He had that kind of facial hair Angela loved. Not a thick beard, but just enough scruff to make a man manly.

They were both shy, but throughout the day they kept finding that they were looking at each other in a way they had not expected. Angela had not felt a connection to a man in a long time, and had sworn off guys altogether. That is, until she met Tommy. Tommy had gone through relationship after relationship, but always left unsatisfied. So needless to say, they were both surprised to find themselves flirting with each other.

Angela couldnt go to sleep that night. Her mind was transfixed on the thought of Tommy. She had to find a way to keep her mind off of him, so she decided to go outside on the balcony of the cabin they were staying in, to cool off. She felt better after staying in the cold for awhile, but was still wide awake. She decided that she would try and let the hot tub outside relax her, and maybe tire her out.

Tommy was up in his room watching t.v, but his mind was racing at the thought of that beautiful girl he met that day. He decided to go play some pool down in the recreation room. While he was playing, he heard some walking out on the balcony. He went to go make sure no one was trying to break in, so he slowly sneaked towards the doorway, opened it gently and peeked out gently. What he saw next shocked him.

There she was, in a white robe. The moonlight shone on her. Tommy knew he should probably turn away, and give Angela her privacy, but he decided to linger a while longer. Angela turned her head both ways to see if anyone was around, and when she didnt see anyone she slowly untied her robe. The robe slid down to her feet. The backside of her body was incredible. The moonlight shone on her curvy body. Her rear end was round and thick, and it had the perfect amount of jiggle. She stepped into the hot tub sideways, enough to reveal her ample breasts. Tommy could feel the blood rush to the head of his uncut cock. He reach down to unzip his fly to relieve his throbbing member from his jeans. His cock stood completely erect. He didnt want to seem like a pervert, so he decided to head back to his room, and masturbate to the thought of her intensely sexy body.

He slowly began to close the door, when suddenly it gave out a loud squeak. He trembled with fear, and quickly lost his erection. Angela turned her eyes to the door and saw Tommy standing there in fear. She looked at him as he was trying to go back inside, and she said, Wait Tommy!, Why dont you come and join me? Its been a long day, and you look like you could use some relaxation. Angela couldnt believe that she had just said that, as she was sitting there completely nude in the hot tub.

Tommy was shocked at her request, but he walked towards the hot tub anyways. Without saying anything, Tommy pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his broad shoulders, and barrel chest. He had the perfect amount of chest hair, and he had thick muscular arms. Angela looked at his muscular body and began to bite her lip in anticipation of what was coming next. Tommy slowly unzipped his jeans, and pulled them down to his ankles. He stood in only his boxers, and Angela quivered with delight as she saw the thick bulge pressing against his boxers. She gave him an eager look, and Tommy slid down his boxers.

The moonlight shone on his body, and to Angelas surprise, she saw that Tommy was uncircumcised. She licked her lips as should could not wait to wrap her lips around his thick, luscious cock. She had never been with a man who was uncut, but she had heard amazing things about guys who were. She knew that most foreigner guys were uncut, and she had always wanted to try one, and tonight was going to be that night. She could not believe how Tommy had caused her to turn her from a sweet, shy girl, into a complete nymphomaniac. And she loved it.

Tommy got into the hot tub, and without saying anything, he placed his strong hands on to Angelas cheeks. He began to kiss her. He couldnt believe how silky soft her lips were. His tongue pressed against hers, and she moaned with pleasure. Tommy then grabbed her waist and placed her on the edge of the hot tub. Her naked body was in full display and for a moment he gazed at his voluptuous goddess. She spread her thighs open, revealing her bald pussy. Tommy got on his knees, and began to kiss the insides of her thighs. Angela felt her pussy juices dripping down her thighs, which Tommy promptly licked up. He then traced his tongue along the lips of her vagina. She tasted sweet as honey. He then began sucking on her clit, and flicking the clit with his tongue as fast he could. Tommy didnt want to make her cum too fast, so he then proceed to stick his tongue inside her sweet pussy hole. He went in and out of her hole slowly at first, but quickened his pace with every thrust of his tongue. Angela was moaning loudly now, and began to push Tommy's head further into her thighs, indicating she wanted him to go deeper with his tongue. But he knew something else that could go deeper inside her. He began to kiss his way up her body, tickling her navel with is tongue. He moved further up, until he began to cup her ample breast in his hand. He gently squeezed her thick breasts, and began to lightly trace her nipples with his tongue. He then gently nibbled on her nipple.

Angela was getting wetter and wetter by the second. She couldnt believe this was actually happening, but she couldnt be more excited. Tommy began to lick his way up and began kissing her neck, and making his way up to her earlobe. He began sucking her earlobe. That was Angelas favorite spot to be kissed. He knew exactly how to please her.

Angela couldnt hold back anymore, and reached down in the water between Tommys thighs. She couldnt believe how thick his cock was. He was hard as a cock, and this time it was his turn. She urged him over to the edge of the hot tub, and spread his legs. She got on her knees, and stared at his cock standing in attention. He was completely shaven, and she loved it. She began to play with his foreskin. She rubbed the foreskin between her fingers. She loved how smooth his member was. She then cupped his big balls in her hand and squeezed them ever so gently. She was worshipping his cock. She began to rub his hard dick all over her face. Tommy moaned with excitement. The she began to suck on his balls, while stroking his hard shaft. She started to lick her way up his shaft, and could taste the sweet pre-cum that had slid down from the tip of his penis. It was sweet and delicious. She wanted more. Then she slowly pulled his foreskin down and couldnt believe how thick his cock head was. She teased the tip of his cock with her tongue, and then started to suck on his cock slowly. She was such a tease. She was stroking and sucking his thick member at the same time. If you had felt was Tommy was feeling, you would have thought she was a professional porn star.

Tommy knew that if he kept letting Angela going, his cock was going to explode with cum very soon. So he pulled her off her knees and began to kiss her again. They could both taste each others juices on their lips. Tommy sat back down on the edge of the hot tub and grabbed Angelas waist and turned her around so her round bottom was facing him. Angela knew what to do next. She started doing a seductive little dance and began to writhe the crack of her butt on his pulsating cock.

Tommy stood up and bent Angela over, so both her hands were on the side of the hot tub. She spread her legs apart inviting Tommys stiff dick to come inside her. Tommy began to tease her by rubbing his cock between her thick pussy lips. Her legs began to tremble with anticipation. They were both dripping with wetness, that they didnt need any lube. And after teasing her a little more, he grabbed her waist again, and slowly slid his cock inside her. She loved how his thick uncut cock penetrated her. It felt so incredible and natural. She gripped the edge of the hot tub with every thrust of his cock. Tommy loved watching her bottom jiggle as he was pounding away at her pussy. His cock filled the walls of her pussy. She was so tight, and so horny. They couldnt help moaning loudly, and it was no wonder they didnt wake their friends up. However, they were so caught up in the ecstasy of that night, that neither one of them cared. They were so enraptured by each others bodies, that it seemed as if they were the only two people alive.

Tommy could feel himself getting ready to climax, and told Angela he was about to cum. She was disappointed, as she wanted it to last forever, but she knew this wouldnt be her last time with her strong man.Then she felt it. Tommy tensed up, and pulled his cock out of her dripping wet pussy. Angela turned around and got on her knees quickly as she had to have his cum. Cum in my mouth Tommy she said. Tommy gave his pulsating cock one quick jerk forward, and moaned in ecstasy as an enormous amount of white, hot, sticky jizz came flying through the air. Angela opened her mouth ready to receive his gift. The huge load of cum slid down her eager throat. She loved the taste of it, and she wanted more, so she grabbed his shaft and begin to lick up every last drop of cum that remained on the tip of his penis. She looked up at him with her beautiful eyes with a look of complete satisfaction.

Tommy looked right back. Its your turn now he said. He placed Angela back on the edge of the hot tub, spread her legs, and got on his knees. He started to massage her clitoris with his tongue. She couldnt believe how quickly she came to orgasm. Her whole body was trembling. She was biting her lip. She had never in her entire life felt this kind of complete satisfaction before. Tommys mouth was filled with her pussy juices, and then he licked his lips. He got up and kissed her again. Im so glad we met Tommy said with a sly smile. Angela returned a shy smile.

It was the most incredible experience they had both encountered. Neither one had ever thought something like that would happen. But it did, and they couldnt be happier. They sat down in the hot tub, and he put his strong arm around her shoulder. She leaned in, and put her hand on his manly chest. They sat together in the hot tub, staring at the stars in the sky, in sheer bliss. It was going to be a vacation they would never forget.

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