It Will Get Better, I Promise

by Jordan Wellnitz

Don't give in.

Do not give in.

I know that the temptation is great,

But you cannot give in.

The demons want you;

They want to break and corrupt you,

But you must not allow them to.

They want you to think of life

As bleak and meaningless,

A never ending repetition of pain, loss, and grief.

You must see the light in the pitch black.

You must remain positive.

They claim they want to help,

Through many nefarious means,

But you mustn't be swayed.

Their 'help' comes with a price,


-Your very being-.

They want your life,

Your soul.

They want you to pick that permanent solution

To all of your temporary problems.

I promise you,

Things will get better,

If you allow them to.


You must be thinking that I'm crazy

And I have no clue what you're going through,

But I do.

I'm going through that pain now.

I am swimming through the blackness.

Sometimes, I cannot see the light.

And, honestly, sometimes the temptation is too great

And I almost give in.

So I know how seductive those demons can be,

Trust me.

The scars on my body

-And on my heart-

Speak for themselves.

Fighting back is hard,

Especially when you cannot find the light,

But you must always try.

You must fight and try to remember

That people care about you,

Somebody will miss you.

I know from experience that it's easy to forget that,

And that a lot of times it doesn't feel like it,

But people do care.

You must have faith,

Faith in anything, really,

And you must go through life

With the knowledge that

It Will Get Better.

All of the pain and stress is there to strengthen you.

Someday, you will find your 'happily ever after',

And all of the pain will be worth it,

I promise.

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