Shattered and Free

by Jordan Wellnitz

Today, something happened,

Something marvelous and terrible.

Today, my mask cracked.

I nearly stopped in my tracks

When the pieces began crumbling,

Falling to the pavement beneath my feet.

Then, someone took my hand,


And told me to keep moving forward.

So I did.

I talked with the stranger,

Pressing myself to keep my mask

From chipping even further,

But the stranger had an odd way

Of making me open up,

Making me want to remove my mask.

Fearfully, I ran.

Fearfully, I tried repairing my mask

To no avail.

I hoped the stranger would keep his distance from me,

But my hopes were dashed.

The stranger continues returning,

Day after day,

Telling me it was okay to be myself.

Day after day,

My mask cracked more and more

But I was surprisingly less and less fearful Of my mask breaking completely.

Finally, one day,I made the final decision.

I decided to willingly remove my perfect mask.

Dropping the damned thing to the concrete,

It shattered beyond repair

And I was free.

I can never thank the stranger enough.

Thanks to him,

That shadowy stranger,

I am free.

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