From Now On

by Jordan Wellnitz

I can't,

Not anymore.

I can no longer go on

Living this lie.

I can no longer go on

Wearing this elaborate mask.

I could keep on pretending,

I suppose,

But I no longer want to.

I no longer have to.

I am fully prepared to lose

All those that 'love' me,

The fictitious me,

Because I know I will find

Those that will truly love me,

The flawed but real me.

I cannot be the perfect person

All desire me to be.

I cannot maintain the smile

That I have forced for so long.

From now on,

If I am happy,

I will smile.

From now on,

If I am sad,

I will cry.

From now on,

If I am angry,

I will rage.

From now on,

I will allow myself to feel

Without worry.

Those that love me

Will accept that.

Those that don't,

Will leave me be.

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