by Jordan Wellnitz

Go ahead and try.

Try to siphon the happiness from my life.

Try to break me down again.

Try to crumble my spirit to dust.

You won't succeed,

For I am strong now,

Stronger than I have ever been.

I have made peace with

The wrongdoings committed against me.

I have made peace with

My shortcomings.

I have made peace with

The fact that not everybody will

Love me or even like me.

I no longer need your approval,

I no longer need to look

In your direction to be happy.

I can be happy all on my own.

So go ahead and try.

Try to destroy me all you want,

You will not succeed.

I am strong enough now

To stand on my own two feet

Without meaning against you.

I am strong now,

And I will not succumb to your torture again.

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