The Gates Are Open

by Jordan Wellnitz

It terrifies me,

This feeling,

It shakes me to the bone.

The idea of getting close to someone like that again,

Of allowing someone into my heart's fortress,

Is flabbergasting.

After what has happened in the past,

After all of the rebuilding I have had to do,

The thought of opening the gates makes me sick to my stomach.

And, yet, it doesn't.

For some reason, every fiber of my being is screaming at me

To open the gate and let you in.

For once, my heart and my head are in unanimous agreement.

Both powerful voices are telling me embrace you and the feelings you give me.

Both sides of my being are adamant that you are different

And that your words are not farce.

Every smile you send me makes my heart feel light,

Like it has never been broken before.

Every sweet word you whisper into my tired ears

Eases my mind and comforts all of my doubts.

I would have never imagined feeling this way in a million years.

Never in my life have I felt something so strong and right.

With you, I feel like I could sky and

My wings will take me to achieve all I have ever dreamed and more.

You are the wings that give me flight.

I hope to be the fire that brings the light

Back into your life.

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