by Jordan Wellnitz

Expectations are poison.

When you expect things from people,

You almost always have your bar set

Far too high.

Thus,you will almost always be let down.

Ive learned to not expect things from people.

Dont expect them to keep their word.

Dont expect them to be there.

Dont expect them to care.

That is a sure-fire way to protect yourself.

On the same topic,

Being in a relationship,

Friendship or otherwise,

With someone that you know has certain expectation of you

Is emotionally taxing.

You constantly wonder if youre performing

Well enough for them.

Or if youre simply disappointing them again.

You have to smile bright enough,

Talk about the right things

(Or remain silent about the wrong things)

And behave just as they desire you to.

Thats exhausting!

You shouldnt have to act for your loved ones

To want to be around you.

But maybe thats just how I feel.

Maybe my feelings are folly.

If so,

Dont make me the fool any longer.

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