What's the Reason?

by Jordan Wellnitz

Everything happens for a reason,

That's what they always say.

But what is the magical reason?

What's the reason for

A life ending when it has barely just begun?

What's the reason for

A person to hate themselves so much

That they scar their beautiful body?

What's the reason for

A husband to brutally betray his wife?

What's the reason for

A friend to break every promise they ever made?

What's the reason behind

Someone feeling so alone and unloved

That they honestly believe death is an acceptable option?

There is no reason.

That is just a pathetic excuse people give

To comfort themselves when something bad happens.

Bad things happen because they can,

That's all there is to it.

It doesn't mean you did something wrong,

You were simply a victim of circumstance.

Just because bad things happen,

Doesn't mean we should live in fear of them

Or sit and wallow in self-pity for them happening.

I know this sounds callous,

But you just need to move on.

Everything may seem bleak now,

But it will get better.


Because that's just how things work.

Bad things happen to make us appreciate the good.

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