Black Hole

by Jordan Wellnitz


Not like the emptiness of an empty room.

Even an empty room has walls, a floor, a cieling...

No, emptiness like a black hole,

Swallowing everything in its path;

Tearing away happy memories,

Replacing them with pain and wondering,

"What did I do wrong?"

Emptiness like when you don't eat for weeks,

When you can't eat for weeks.

Creating a raw, burning pain at your core.

Causing you to do nothing but feel the emptiness.

It's a visible emptiness.

The light from your eyes dims and fades,

Replaced by the raw, red of crying too many tears.

Your hair loses the shine that once made it so beautiful,

And the normal glow of your cheeks turns to a pallidthing, devoid of color.

Some call this emptiness,

Others call it love.

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