Demon in Disguise

by Jordan Wellnitz's such a heartless bastard.

It just sits back and watches while you slowly die.

It laughs as you smile, holding back tears, to make themhappy.

It gives you warm, tingling butterflies,

Just so it can rip them away from you.

Leaving a cold, sharp dagger in the place of your heart.

Yet, we still crave this demon.

Every day, we stupid human beings search for it.

We dream about it, we sing about it, we write about it.

How are we so stupid!?!!?

Why can't we see that it's just a demon wearing adisguise of innocence,

Waiting to rip us apart, slowly and angonizingly, when we least expect it?

Why do we desire such a dark, terrible thing?

Why don't we learn that the happy always goes away?

That the empty will always come again?

We should have learned by now!

Good only triumphs in fairytales.

Yet, I'm still waiting for my happy ending.

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