by Jordan Wellnitz

Running through the darkness,

That's all I'm doing.

I'm running through the darkness,

Looking for the light.

But it's dark...

And it's cold...

There's no light, no hope.

Blood stains everthing,

Coating the world in its crimson beauty.

Pain, it's a feeling;

The only feeling that is left.

Love and happiness have both flown away.

They're gone, all that's left is the pain,

But that's okay.

Pain is the only thing that proves you are alive.

Happiness can be faked.

Love can be faked.

But pain is real.

Pain is the only real thing this owrld has;

The people, the places...everything is fake.

But not pain.

Pain is the darkness...


Pain is the light...


Pain is what is created.

It is the shadows made when light meets the dark,

When hope meets the truth.

Pain is all I need to survive.

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