by Jordan Wellnitz

What is beauty?

It is in the eye of the beholder, of course.

But it is also in the ear, mouth, nose, and fingertips of the beholder.

What is beauty?

Some say it is only skin deep,

But beauty goes into the soul.

Beauty feeds the soul.

It pulls one's soul out of the depths of despair

And back into the light again.

What is beauty?

Is it a supermodel, skinny but barely breathing?

Or a curvacious woman with no fear?

Is it the visage of a sunrise?

Or that of the stars twinkling at night?

What is beauty?'s a feeling.

It's looking into the mirror in the morning,

Hair a mess, devoid of makeup and clothing,

But feeling beautiful.

Beauty is the feeling of pure love.

When a man sees his lover at her worst,

Yet still believes her to be the most beautiful.

What is beauty?

Beauty is being yourself.

Standing when the world is sitting.

Speaking up when the world is silent.

What is beauty? is a noun,

But it is so much more.

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