Oh, How People Fail Love

by Jordan Wellnitz

          If you asked her, she was nothing special. Average really. Average height, average body (a little too chubby, in her opinion), and average looks. Everyone else said she was beautiful. That she was short, but not too short; that she had curves in all the right places. That she had golden, shimmering hair and a to-die-for smile. The only thing she and everyone else agreed on was her eyes. It was consensus that she had magnificent, deep pools of blue that could make any man fall in love.

         But that didn't stop her from being in awe when he came into her life. She had been content with her life, not happy but she couldn't really complain. She had a few close friends, a great family, and a bright future. She was in the prime of her junior year of high school. But he set her world ablaze. He made her fall for him in a matter of weeks.

That doesn't sound like much, does it? A stupid high school crush; every high school girl fell in and out of love a million times, right? Not her. She had done a wonderful job not letting anyone past her thick walls. She had spent her entire seventeen years of life building them, and she was quite proud of them. She'd dated, sure, but she had never been in love. She had dated because it was what girls her age did. But this boy, this gorgeus boy with chocolate brown hair and intriguing blue-gold eyes, just waltzed right through the front door of her fortress like it was nothing!

          Then he told her he loved her, and she swore she was in heaven. She loved him and he loved her. How wonderfully simple, right? But things can never stay simple for long. The boy joined the army and went away the summer after their senior year for three brutal months. The girl waited, oh so patiently, for her soldier to return to her side. They sent letters back and forth, and it seemed that distance had only strengthened their love. She began college that fall, and still she waited for her lover to return to her.

           Finally the day came and she drove hundreds of miles to see the boy she had waited so long for. She was happy again, with him by her side. That November, the two decided to get married. The boy had convinced the girl, who was completely against the idea. Marriage always ended in divorce. But, they loved each other, and love was all you needed, right? Apparently not.

          The girl was going to college, and so was the boy. They lived far apart, but not so far, the girl had thought. They had been hundreds of miles apart, in different states before, and stayed loyal. Surely it was no problem when they were only a few hours apart! But the girl was wrong. While she remained ever faithful, the boy had found another who was closer to him. Two months had passed since they had tied the knot. Two months.

The girl remained blissfully unaware of the unfaithful boy's secret lover. Summer came and the couple faced difficultues. The girl sensed the boy drifting away, but she could not figure out what she had done wrong. She tried asking the boy, but he kept saying she hadn't done anything to wrong him. She tried and tried to reignite the flame, she bent over backwards for the boy, but he remained aloof. He spent more and more time out of the house, with his friends he had said. He'd leave for an entire day and have no communication with the worried girl who loved him. And even when he was home, he seemed glued to his phone.

           This upset the girl, but she didn't want to suffocate him. She loved the boy, so she continued to smile and try to make the boy happy. One day, she was using the boy's computer to check her personal profile, when she accidently logged into the boy's account. But, this was a different account than she had seen. Curiousity getting the better of her, she investigated. She found all sorts of photos of the boy she loved with another girl. In some, they were kissing. The profile stated that they were dating. The girl was heartbroken. She refused to believe that the boy who had promised her forever had been unfaithful, so she called the boy to ask him to explain.

           The boy, a wonderful liar, had said the other girl was just a friend. That she was in need of a pseudo boyfriend to appease her family. And the girl, being blinded by her love for the boy, believed him. The couple talked of getting a place together, as the girl was transferring to the boy's college so they could be closer. All thoughts of the boy's deceit were erased from the naive girl's mind. She loved him and he loved her. Right?

           The new semester was quickly approaching when the deceit was again made evident. This time, she had communicated with the girl her lover was secretly seeing. She found out everything he had said was a lie, and explained the situation to the other girl. However, the other girl did not believe her. The boy had spun himself a wonderful web of lies.

           The boy told the girl he wanted a separation, because he loved his mistress. The girl reluctantly agreed. She was willing to forgive his transgressions, to do anything he wished, because she loved the boy. She loved the boy more than her own life. For months, the girl stood by the boy's side while he tried to make his mistress happy, but she seemed unappeasable. The boy and the girl continued to make love to each other secretly. The girl felt wrong, because he was anothers, but she loved him. She loved him, and she kept silently praying that if she allowed him to use her, he would love her again.

           The boy and his mistress separated, but he had already found another by the time the girl found out. Not long after, the boy and his newest lover separated. The boy claimed he was alone, and the girl was secretly happy. In private, the girl and boy seemed like a couple. He would kiss her and hold her, telling her how happy she made him. But the girl was hardpressed to even receive a slight touch of the hand when they were in public. The girl was suspicious. The boy still showed many signs of being with his mistress. When she asked, the boy simply avoided the subject.

           So the girl decided that she would end their secret affair. She loved the boy, but her heart was in turmoil. She realized that she could never again trust the boy with her heart, as he seemed quite content with lying to and cheating on whichever ignorant girl came into his life. The girl was determined to remain friends with him, but to never again allow him to use her in the way he desired. She was going to show him that she didn't need her.

           This story doesn't have an ending because it is still being written. The moral of this story, sometimes it is better to leave the one you love. This does not mean that you don't truly love that person, but that you love yourself more. It is also important to remember that this story is not an example of how love fails, because love does not fail. This is an example of how a person can fail love. Love is an all-powerful force, but people are simple and weak. They easily bend and they often pretend to love someone to get what they want or because they fear loneliness.

           Never give up on love, just because someone has failed you. Move on, because there will be someone who will love you just as purely and simply as you love them.

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