‘God Must Be Pissed? ‘Cause I’m Confused as Hell!

by Arthur Schade

The essence of the ''The Greatest Father' has forever eluded humankind, until now, that is. As the final prodigy to embrace that, which is untainted truthfulness, I have disobeyed antiquated decrees to share this story of how it had to be. So it be forever, MJM

Aeons before mortality embraced the meaning of time, dwelled The Greatest Father. So awe-inspiring were his powers, that he fashioned three magnificent sons, each of whom he loved and cherished in an identical manner. His compassion was boundless. He sculpted an ambiance of opulence and generosity far superior to their youthful and innocent comprehension. Misfortune, agony and uncertainty were nonexistent.

Since the flash of their creation, each son passionately absorbed the fathers ideologies. The essence of their being, the significance of harmony within the natural world, tolerance of diverging ideas, and the obligation to ensure infinite compassion, were the first of many lessons taught to each son.

However, they never recognized that as glorious and compassionate as their father was, he was resolute that for his sons to be superb leaders, they had to be discretely inspired, to embrace a modest passion for individuality. To achieve this objective, he decided to devote secluded time with each of them.

These personal meetings would begin in the late hours of darkness, when 'the greatest father cautiously entered his first sons extravagant sleeping chamber, watchful not to make a sound that would divulge his whereabouts to his other two sons. So clandestine was the father, his sons never suspected his cunning plan. Nor, did they ever reveal to one another the secret union each believed they alone shared with the father, during these token and special times.

During his tailored visits of enlightenment, he cradled his son tenderly in his powerful arms and subtly implied he was the smartest, bravest and best loved of his sons. To the son, this tender whisper of inspiration confirmed that he alone would inherit the fathers governance of wisdom, morality, and enormous wealth. The only provision the father demanded was that the son must never tell his brothers or anyone else about their cherished times together.

Elated and often child-like, the son would smile and eagerly confirm his faithfulness. He loved and worshiped his father, and after many such meetings, the son grew to appreciate the power and wealth that he alone would ultimately acquire.

As the first son gave way to tranquil slumber, 'the greatest father wrapped him in elegant coverings, kissed him tenderly on his forehead, and withdrew soundlessly from his room. Once outside, he traversed a lavish passageway adorned in precious gems into the bedchambers of his second, then third son.

At each encounters, he restated the identical inferences to his other sons. Not unlike his brothers, each willingly embraced his fathers words of shared honesty, and submitted gladly to his requests of keeping their secretive pact. After all, they revered their father, and pleased that he alone was the favorite son.

Every so often, as they enthusiastically engaged together in their father's counsel, a somewhat shielded sneer would appear on their youthful faces. To the father this was not surprising, given each son was confident he was the one uniquely versed in the fathers true message, and alone shrouded in the fathers boundless teaching and love.

As youthful formative years surrendered to the prime of being, 'the greatest father' was confident his sons were comparable in stature, wisdom, ideology and compassion. Certain of their entitlement, the brothers agreed the time had come to leave home and their devoted father. They decided to set off in dissimilar directions to spread the wisdom bestowed to them by the father; each self-assured, that they alone held the supreme secret of being the favored child.

However, before 'the greatest father' granted his permission for the three to leave, he assembled them together to convey his final counsel. In his familiar andpassionate manner, he said to them:

Your journey is the dawn of unfamiliar endeavors. It can be one of great glories, or profound consequences; the decision is yours. I have embedded in each of you the ideals, resilience and foresight you will require to enlighten others. Although my material presence will not be with you, I will forever be mindful of your deeds. I will always be available to each of you, essentially as your father, but also a mentor. Choose your decisions prudently, for in the end, all will be judged by me.

As destined by the father, the sons were granted leave to embark and fulfill their extraordinary journeys. Alone for the first time in a world never known to them, they generously proclaimed the doctrines of the father to those branded as humankind.

In the beginning, each son edified the father by conveying his message word-for-word, and gladly welcomed the admiration from those they enlightened. Nonetheless, it was not long before they became overwhelmed and engulfedby their success and began to enhance the father's message with their own innermost ideals. They viewed these modest changes as merely adapting the fathers message to the diversity of their growing audience.

Across ages, as humankind interprets the seasons of life, each son amassed vast dominions of enthusiastic companions and devoted followers. All certain the son they followed was the only one who wasbestowed the right of ownership to the wisdom, reverence and opulence of 'the greatest father.

So it began. Tribulation between the brothers emerged as societies vehemently rebuffed philosophies revealed to them by confidants of the other two brothers. Aware of the dividing discourse, each brother remained steadfast that the obedience of his devoted admirers was fulfilling the destiny set forth in the nightly visits by 'the greatest father. Regrettably, each son failed to recognize that many of their devote followers were slanting their teachings just enough to gain personal riches, and maintain dominion of the floundering nomads who were openly questioning which son to follow.

Countless assemblies effortlessly switched back and forth to the son with the largest number of devotees, believing they must be the one who will inherit the wealth of the greatest father. Others remained bewildered by the conflicting versions of the brothers teaching; after all, they were brothers and the sons refined by the same passionate father! Clusters of societies simply tagged along with one group, hoping to avoid the retribution attributed to the greatest father, should they betray his teachings.

Disagreement escalated as personal resentment between the brothers soon surpassed the bizarre discord among the hordes of uncompromising and fragmented supporters. Accordingly, to solidify their power and fulfill their fathers true intent, each proclaimed himself the only righteous son. Disappointingly, there would be no endeavor for reconciliation.

Scrimmages led to feuds, wars to eradication, and bigotry soaked through most everyone. Coexistence and open-mindedness remained elusive. Hopelessness consumed even the most earnest and passionate followers attempting to amend the needless chasm.

As 'the greatest father observed the pointless chaos created by his sons and their closest advisors; he wept. He reflected often as to why they embraced hatred, control, genocide, prejudice and poverty, instead of love, forgiveness and tolerance. Equally distressing, was why his sons never meditated nor promoted coexistence, asked him for guidance, or requested to share his vast fortune between them which he would gladly accommodate. Instead of compromise, however, each yearned for nothing short of sole ownership, power and self-glorification.

Weary of the belligerence, unending rejection to reunite, biased teachings, and profound absence to encourage tolerance and coexistence, 'the greatest father' ponders:Has the time come to start over? Again!

[2013: AW Schade: A Marine Vietnam Veteran, 1966/67, Schade is a retired corporate executive and author of the award winning book; "Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion." He also authored his free stories for veterans and their families: The Demons of War are Persistent, and Not Alone, which are his personal stories of prolonged PTSD.] awschade@gmail.comwww.awschade.com

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