A Night to Remember

by Michelle Amin

A Night to Remember

Story is completely fictional.

While waiting for her arrival, Brett went to the hotel bar and ordered their best scotch, Chivas on the rocks. And then went to lobby to have a seat.

She was an attractive 32 year old with dazzling blue eyes - rocking body. Her blonde hair flowed effortlessly as she strolled into the lobby. Her dress was black and mid-thigh high in length. She wore strappy black heels that presented her long toned legs perfectly. Bretts eyes planted firmly on this sensual woman. A wave of ecstasy went through his body. The night to come was going to be unforgettable.

Brett rose from his seat and nodded at her. The elevator was just around the corner. He meets her in front of the mirrored elevator doors. His finger hits the UP button and ding, the doors opened. Chivas still in hand. Bretts other hand on the small of her back, he guided her into the elevator. The doors shut. Her cleavage from her perfect natural firm C breast teasing him. Bretts hand aches to touch this sexual goddess that stands before him. The ache is too much and he caves, lightly caressing the exposed skin on her chest. Cock hardening and pulsating. His lips kiss her softly on the neck, her hand behind his head. She moans, making him mad with lust. Hand still caressing her breast. Ding, the elevator stops.

The room is just down the hall. Bretts hand holding hers, walking to room 324. Misty hears the door beep as her husband slides the key card. Misty is in the Jacuzzi, caressing her smooth pussy. She looks to the door and the escort walks in. Right away, Misty thinks to herself Damn- my baby did well, she is perfect.

Instead of bringing her to his curious wife, Brett sits in the oversized chair, the whore follows. Im watching and wanting. The envelope with the $1000.00 in cash is sitting on the end table next to Brett. He hands it to her and she checks to make sure it is all there. She drops to her knees before Brett. Hands roaming up his thighs, the bulge in his pants aching for her touch. Her hand ease up to the hardness and Brett moans as she rubs his shaft. She releases the belt, unbuttoned the button and unzipped his zipper and unzips his jeans. Bretts cock jumps out from the hole of his boxers.

Wetness is dripping from Bretts throbbing cock. Her tongue traces the tip of his wet cock. His wetness is appetizing. She is eager to please him and shimmies his jeans and boxers down. Brett slips off his shirt. Instead of going right for his throbbing cock, she kisses his inner thighs. Wetness continues to glaze the tip of his hard cock. Her tongue reaches that spot just under his balls, hands rubbing hard against his thighs. She then runs her tongue up to his balls, and takes one in her mouth and takes Bretts cock in her hand. She is sucking his balls just hard enough to make him ache for more. Continuing up, her tongue licking the shaft up to the tip. His wetness meets her lips, the delicious taste makes her hunger for it all. Still sipping on scotch, Brett places his other hand behind her head. She tosses her hair behind her back. And takes the massive cock in her hungry mouth. Brett starts giving small thrust to fuck her mouth. Mistys view is amazing, her pussy trembling with desire. Bretts moans are driving his wife wild. Misty moans out Dont cum yet. I want you. But before you take me, you need to taste her.

The slut raises her head up from his hard black cock, pre-cum is streaming from Bretts cock to her mouth. As Brett is placing his scotch on the end table, he helps her to her feet. And turns her around and guiding her to the dark stained desk. Brett picks her up and sits her on the desk. He forcefully open her legs. She is wearing a black thong. Bretts hands are running down from her neck to her thighs, then to her sweet spot. The black thong is moist and the scent is intoxicating. Brett pushes her thong to the side. Her pussy is a nice pink, with a fresh Brazilian Wax. Brett goes right for her cunt. His lips on her pussy lips. His tongue is lashing at her swollen clit, licking up her juices. Her moans are loud and wild. Misty still has a wonderful view. Watching her husband pleasure another woman has always been her fantasy and now its coming true.

Brett stops and has her stand. Releasing the straps of her dress from her shoulders, he kisses her neck, mouth following the dress as it falls to the floor, making sure to spend a little extra attention to her perky breast. He is dying to be inside her and knows that Misty needs a taste. But she doesnt get her way yet.

The whore slides her thong down and attempts to kick it off but gets caught on her stiletto. Brett helps her out and tosses the thong towards Misty. Aching to be inside of her, Brett bends her over the desk and with one motion, he thrust his cock into her pink pussy. She screams in delight. Brett pulls out slowly and then walks to Misty.

As Brett stands next to Misty, she looks up at him from the Jacuzzi and runs her tongue along her lips. Brett asked his wife Are you ready? She nods her head yes and takes her husbands hard cock into her mouth. The mix of the whores sweet nectar and his wetness is amazing. The escort stands at the desk watching as Misty cleans her juice off his cock.

Brett looks over at the escort and motions her to the bed. She crawls onto the bed and stays on her hands and knees. Heels still on. So sexy. Misty does not want to stop devouring Bretts cock but she wants to taste the whore. Misty gazes at the whores sweet, wet pussy glistening in the light. Misty gets out of the Jacuzzi and Brett helps her dry off. Misty kisses her beyond horny husband, sharing with him the sweetness of the amazing mixture of the sluts juices and her husbands pre-cum.

Misty and Brett walk to her. Misty climbs up on the bed, the sluts round firm ass inches from Mistys eager mouth. She goes for it, skimming one hand over her ass, stopping to rub her rosebud, and the other hand is aching to touch her pretty pink wet slit. Misty slides a finger into the whores slippery hole, then puts her finger in her mouth, she is so sweet. Misty wants more and buries her face into the sluts sex. Brett is watching, cock is still dripping. His hand is around his cock, moving up and down slowly. Misty loves the taste of her and doesnt want to stop.

Misty needs and wants her husband to give the whore sensational pleasure. Misty wants to hear her moan as he fucks her. Brett gets behind her, hands spreading her ass and he pounds his cock into her. A few thrust into her perfect pussy and then to Mistys mouth feeding her the whores sex. Then back to fucking her. She is telling Brett to fuck her harder and faster. Misty moves in front of her and spreads her legs. The slut plants her mouth on Mistys wet pussy, licking so fast, her finger inside her and the other hand on her breast. Mistys eyes meet with her husbands and the lustful look in his eyes sends his wife over the edge, she convulses as she explodes into climax. Her body is shaking from the fierce orgasm. Brett un-mounts the slut and he sits in the over-sized chair, sips on the scotch and watches.

The whore lies on her back. Misty kisses her, tongues dancing, her juices around and in the sluts mouth. Delish. Misty lightly caresses the sluts body, and her mouth moves to her chest. Grazing her lips over her hard nipples. Sucking them in her mouth. Misty is feasting on this sexy body.

Brett cant stand it any longer and he gets behind his wife. Eases his cock into her pussy as Misty ravishes the slut. Doggie style. Yes baby, fuck me so hard Misty cries out. Hitting her sweet spot inside, She cums all over his cock, earth shattering orgasm. Misty is out of breath from the intensity of the second orgasm.

Brett crashes to the bed and has the slut sit on his cock, her ass facing him. Misty slides in front of the two of them, watching her husbands hard black cock going in and out, cock shimmering with her wetness. Misty says Yes baby, I love watching you pleasure her, fuck her, make her feel good. Misty needs to taste the escorts pussy. And she goes for it. Licking her clit as she rides Brett. Her moans getting louder. His hands are on her hips pushing her down hard on his cock. In and out, deeper. He is so sexy pleasuring this whore. Misty takes his shiny wet cock in her mouth, and Brett goes back to fucking the slut. She wants it even harder and he pushes in with powerful thrust, getting lost in her pussy and her moans. Mistys mouth is watering and she begins to lick his cock as he goes in and out. Misty rubs the whores swollen clit. Bretts hands move to the whores perfect breast and squeezes them hard. Her movements are meeting his thrust in perfect rhythm. She screams out that she is cumming. Oh god, fuck her cries Misty out. He fucks her harder and faster. Her tight pussy and her cries of pleasure are begging him not to stop. It makes him shudder and explode inside her. As Brett pulls out, his cum oozes out of her pussy and Misty devours it.

Misty kisses Brett and says, I love you baby, thank you! The escort lays between the married couple for a moment. Then gets up and puts her sexy little black thong and dress back on. Brett nods at her and she leaves our room, never to be seen again. She was their sex toy, nothing more, nothing less.

Michelle - NY State

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