The Cattle Winds

by Kevin Rottweiler

I hear the harmonica of Neil Young

down in the dust bowl land

the cattle winds are calling

the cattle winds are calling

and the leather smells good

rattle steak stew

cowboys and cowgirls

riding into the night

blue jeans and rainbow moons

I hear the singing of dogs or wolves

the cattle are mild

the summer is good

whiskey for the old men

a beer for the ladies

nature takes its course

babies are born

under a blue sky

nobody wants to die

but that is the way it is

out here it is dangerous

pirates on horseback

can always attack

whiskey keeps you strong

fish from the rivers help

it makes you strong

protein and fish meat

climbing mountains

near crystal fountains

a poet of raindrops

lends a hand with Neil Young's band

people walked naked at Woodstock

men have to have a beard

they slept on the ground

the cattle winds

it wakes you up

when you are middle-aged

and life is free

nature come back to me

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