Love Me

by Rachel

I'm crying beneath my skin,

      Wishing I could've said the things I should have.

My world has grown much darker and I lay underneath

The skies which the lightening strikes across.

No one knows but you and me,

So how can I explain this to you?

I've been torn apart and afraid to love again,

So can you love me in several years?

Make me no promises and don't

Swear by the moon for she forever changes.

Just show me by taking me by the hand and holding me tight.

Show me by gently kissing my lips so I will know.

Laying in my cold bed late last night,

Thinking of your sweet face coming to mind.

Nothing will come between my heart as I let down my guard.

As I try to explain without words on how much I care for you.

I'll stand in the pouring rain as I shout your name to the heavens,

Let the water rush down my red cheeks as I cry.

Hope runs throughout my worn veins,

Let me say I love you so.

I'll pray to god as I watch you,

I'll keep writing when I'm sad so I can go on,

But just let you stay by my side once, please my love.

And I'll show how much I truly love you dear love.

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