Remember When It Rained?

by Rachel

Remember When It Rained?

In the darkness I lie

    Trying to conceal what the rain cannot wash away

Tears dripping from my eyes.

Rain falling down my face

    My dreams offer peace

But no comfort I gain

     From their gentleness.


Remember the night we stood in the garden,

Beneath the cloudy sky,

When you asked me about our love?

Is this a faded memory?

Our love so foolish,

Such pure bliss.

    Water dripping down my cheeks,

A haven where you cannot find me.

     I hide in the coming dark,

And this you will not know.


In the rain we stand,

        Hands intertwined but yet,

Our bodies so far apart.

Rain running down us,

How can this be?

Dear goddess I've fallen for one who cannot

Return my simple I love you.

    Meet me in the dark,

Let the rain meet our bodies.

   Tell me there whether you can return my love,

Or is it a small price of your affections,

    To keep me next to your side?


This tender love is what I no longer wish for.

As I kiss your cheek goodbye,

Remember the essence we shared,

Let the picture on your wall remind you for eternity,

Forever more sweet one.

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