Where Is He?

by C.A. Parra

Where Is HE...?

The Person that is supposed to teach me wrong from right,

The special someone who tells me to be strong

And looks in my eyes and knows something is wrong and holds me tight

And says "I'll always be by your side as long as Life goes on".

But Where Is HE?

The Other Human who gave me the Gift of Life,

That supposed to teach me how to play a sport,

And motivates me to do things right

And gives me his Full Support.

But Where Is He?

I dont want to feel Mad,

But I can't stand it,

He isn't dead so I can't be sad

Knowing that he is still living on this planet

Hopefully he can see me and looks at what I've become

Being that I'm his Only Son,

But I dont want him to feel bad

Because he didn't tag along with me on my path

But there is one question I got to Ask

Where Is He? Where Is My Dad?

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