The Boy With No Friends Part 1

by C.A. Parra

It's the 10th of June, a hot summer day in Chicago, Illinois where a young man named Eddie Finn lives with his Mom. He's 17 year's old, he has a very slim physique , he's a very handsome man, and weighs about one-hundred-thirty-two pounds and stands at five-foot and two inches. His hair is very well cut and his eyes are blue with a nice set of white teeth. He wears a black T-Shirt with regular blue jeans and has a book in his hand that you can barely read the title since he has it hidden on the side of his leg.

Eddie would walk the city by himself on nice days. Eddie doesn't have any friends since he was a shy type fellow that was too nervous to talk to anyone, but that's the way he is just a man who alienated himself from the people around him. In his early childhood his Mother would never let him outside to play with any other kids cause of how strict she was thinking he was very fragile boy. He would always stay in his room and sit by the window and watch other kids play in the park with their friends unlike him he didn't have any friends in the past or present. Now he thinks he won't have any in the future the way He looks at it, now he has a chance to go out and see the world to make friends but he still doesn't see it happening for him.

As Eddie walks, he spots a park he remembers from childhood and decides to sit down on the bench that settles under a nice tree that covers him from the sun. Now he notices that its the same park all the other kids use to play at, while he was condemned at home in his room with his crazy strict Mother. He is now in the place where he wasn't able to go to when he was younger, the place he watched other youngster that have a good time with their friends. He sits alone, he takes out his book; it's Stephen King's The Shining, so far he is at page six-hundred the chapter that's title Wendy and Jack. Then out of the blue a girl sits right next to him with a cell phone in her hand as if she was texting someone, this makes Eddie really nervous, He continues reading his books as the girl next to him looks really familiar.

He suddenly realizes its Jessica Miner a real pretty and a popular young girl that goes to the same high school as Eddie. She wears a nice black skirt with a see-through T-shirt that fits her well and that also makes her black bra very visible to see. He sees this as he looks from the side of his eye and keeps eye contact with her bosom instead of her pretty face. She suddenly sees his eyes looking down at her while she was on her phone and he looks at her and they make eye contact together. Eddie begins to get really nervous and starts looking back to his book pretending he is reading. She puts her phone away.

She then looks at him and notices Eddie from school and says" hey, aren't you Eddie Finn?" with curiosity.

He replies nerve wreckingly "umm, yes" while he pretends to read his book.

She then adds "I thought I recognized you, but this is the first time I ever hear you say anything, you don't say nothing to anyone at school nor answer the questions when the teacher tells you answer a question".

He then says as he finally has the courage to look at her gorgeous face "yeah that's how I am, I keep to myself even if it is a teacher I don't like saying much to anyone I've been like that for a long time".

Jessica then says with a smile "Well, it's seems your very talkative now."

Eddie smiles back and says "I guess youre right, I am talking more than I usually do to someone I barely know".

Jessica says with curiousness "why is that"?

Eddie looks at her very hesitate "Well, because I.... get very nervous around people I don't know I've been like that ever since I was little, I blame my Mom mostly because if she wasn't so strict on me going anywhere I would made a lot of friends".

Jessica looks very surprised "Well, don't be nervous I'm not any stranger I know who you are and you know who I am don't you"? "We do go to the same school too".

Eddie says "yeah I guess youre right on that too".

Jessica then stands up and looks back down at Eddie and says "You want to walk with me for a little bit"?

Eddie gets really nervous his feet shake and his words start stutter as he says" Ooo-kkkk".

He stands up next to her with his book in hand safely closed and says " are you sure, you want to walk with me"?

She looks at him with a big smile and says "Yeah, I'm sure".

He says "OK".

They start to walk down the sidewalk towards the street light waiting for the walking sign to bright up for them to walk across. Precisely thirty-seconds later the light flashes on for them to walk across. They walk side by side, Eddie not knowing what to say or do next calmly stays a foot from her.

She notices this and says "Don't worry I won't bite".

He looks at her and smiles gracefully, then he proceeds along with her walking, but still keeps his distance. They reach the next block on seventy-second street.

Eddie then has a facial expression of wonders on why she wants to walk with him. He then begins to think bad thoughts like, is she just trying to send me to a trap or is she just pretending to be nice and wants me to do something for her. Eddie starts shivering his teeth which makes it very hearable to her ears.

She then asks "what's wrong", as she looks at him with curiousness.

He replies but has a hard time spilling out the words; he stutters a little "a-a-ah-ah, n-na-na-nothing".

"It seems there is something wrong, are you Ok". Jessica says in a worried tone.

He regains his speech quick as lightning "No, there isn't nothing wrong, I'm just really nervou or I mean curious on why you wanted to walk with me?

Jessica then says "Well, That's simple, it's because I like you".

Eddie suddenly stops walking and stands still in the middle of the sidewalk as if he was frozen in a block of ice and couldn't move. Jessica looks back at him and moves to his way. She stands right in front of him.

"But why"? Eddie says curiously.

"Well, because you always seem so lonely at school, you don't talk to no one, you don't say anything, I did want to talk to you but I was too nervous to say anything to you. So I saw you at the bench and I knew it was the chance to finally say something to you and I did and now we are where are at".

"Well, I don't think you should've taken that chance". He says with his head looking down.

She looks at him completely bewildered and says "What do you mean?"

"Just leave me alone". He says quietly but loud enough for her to hear.

She tries extending her arm out to him but he rejects it and turns around and runs away back to where they came from.

"Eddie, Eddie, Eddie". She screams out loud as he runs farther away.


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