Lollipops on Mars

by Kevin Rottweiler

there are lollipops on mars

tasty treats for the hungry

awaiting anyone that hungers

blue, red, polka dot

and dragonflies of Lunar

eat spoonfulls of sugar

lying to you

lying to me

about the shortage of cash

a life so brash

and lollipops are so sweet

take the smell away

from dirty feet

walking on the planet

of Lunar

and cats cry

eating the sardines again

tuna is all they want

but they would give a gizzard

for some good old-fashioned meat

beef jerky

for jerks

and the stink bug

dies of a Jitterbug dance

waiting for a worm sandwich

and the cats cry

while Elton sings

a gizzard sandwich

for the beasts

old-fashioned meat

and they have the nerve

to reject lollipops on mars

sweet treats for everyone

high on meat

a protein buzz

of fish flie

from the auto windows

and the lollipops never win

with tough-looking men

that want a meat sandwich

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