My Hubby

by Sally Loveday

My husband likes computers

Rugby, Darts and Beer

I think that if the pubs run dry

It's something that he'd fear

In the Army yes he was

Many years he served the Queen

In his shining uniforms

Not all of them were green

A musician he also is

A Brass Band widow he's made me

He also writes the brass band stuff

In lots of different keys

I love him very dearly

And underneath the skin

There really is a softy

Hiding deep within

I wouldn't swap for nothing

Three stunning kids he's made

We both belong together

Our love will never fade

Cos I have told my mate

One partner-other half

That we will stick together

Through sadness and the laughs

So just to close on my Rugby man

The cuddly hairy lump

If he is my roast leg of pork

I'll willingly be his chump

Sally Loveday 6 September 1997

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