by Brigid O'Reiley

Once there was a farmer, he lived by himself on the outskirts of a great kingdom. He was a nice man and was kind to everyone but he was poor and could not compete with the handsome youth. He grew very lonely and wished for a family, he prayed day and night to the gods, he only every left to tend to the farm. One day, the Gods heard his prayers and answered, During the next harvest, collect all your crops and give them away to all in the kingdom for free. Once this is done, find the most beautiful flower you can and take it to the abandon bridge over the dead river.

The farmer hearing the gods did as they asked. When the next harvest came he took all his crops and traveled all around the kingdom and gave every family some of his crops. When he had finished he stumbled onto a town burned to the ground, but amongst all the rubble and ruin he found a simple sunflower. This is the flower he chose to take to the bridge.

Once the farmer arrived at the abandon bridge over the dead river, the gods told him to put the flower under the bridge and then wait for three days and three nights and on the fourth morning he would find what he wanted. The farmer waited and on the fourth morning the famer was awakened by a bright light and a loud crash. He raced under the bridge and there he saw the most beautiful little girl in the world. Her skin was the color of caramel and her hair was as golden as the sun and just as bright. The famer picked up the little baby girl and decided to name her, Brigid.

18 years passed and Brigid grew up to be a stunning young women. With every year that passed her beauty grew twice as much as before. However, the most beautiful thing about Brigid was her heart. She was blessed with a pure heart, a heart of gold. Brigid spent her whole life making sure other people were happy, she brought food water to the poor, she read to orphans, and would listen to the last tales of the sick and dying. Everyone loved her very much; she was so very nice and so beautiful.

Then one day there was an accident. Brigid was walking along the road when a soldier heading for a turn to fast crashed. His sword flew from his body and when Brigid looked up, it was already too late. The sword cut Brigids beautiful face from above her left eye to the bottom of her right cheek bone. Brigid was scared for life.

After the wound healed it left the ugliest scare on the poor girls face. Her beauty was forever ruined and taken. After a while people stopped excepting Brigids kindness, saying she was a monster. The town turned their backs on her; they couldnt stand to look at her. Brigids pure heart became corrupt with anger and sadness. Her innocence had been taken, with one swipe of a sword she was shown the true nature of the world and she couldnt stand it.

She went back to the abandoned bridge over the dead river and prayed to the gods for this torment to stop. The gods, just as with her father, granted her wish. However, Brigid with one good deed left asked for the gods to bring the river back to life, and so they did. Brigid was thought to be missing and then dead, but nobody truly cared for the ugly girl, they had their river back. The rivers water was as pure and sweet as the young girls heart. And all around it the only thing that would grow was sunflowers.

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