What Is Life

by Jeremy McDowell

How will I measure my life when it is time for me to go? What will people remember me for? The person who just decided that life is what it is or the person that took the risks to make his life better? How soon should I start chasing the dreams? Will I be successful in what I decide is best? Will success come fast after I make the decisions that will effect my life and those around me? Who will be there if I slip or even if I fall? Will that person pick me up, brush me off and tell me that, even though I failed, I am still a success? Will that person push me to be the best person that I can be? Will that person show compassion and love if I fail multiple times? Would it be possible that this person would benefit from anything I have to offer? Does that person really need what I have to offer? If that person is already on the right track, would I be someone that holds them back from future success? Would that person resent me if I held them from achieving their life goals? Would it be best if I just faced the uncertain future myself?

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