The Saraph

by Matt Conradie

He used to be a preacher- now he has lost his faith. He used to be a father- now he has neither a son nor daughter. He used to be a husband- but that love too was taken away.

He turned the key and pushed the door as he walked into the room, he saw the mattress of his bed lying against the cracked window. The floor was thick with mirror shards that glittered like diamond dust this was exactly how he had left it.

He walked towards the bedside, the stench of strong drink staining the air in front of him. He grabbed his Bible clumsily, discarding some dust with his other hand in the process. He flung open his Bible with a hint of anger in his harsh movements. He started reading at a random point He was searching for the answers that he so desperately sought.

After a page or two with no success, he clenched his fists around the Bible in his palms. In a moment of rage he tore and folded the thin pages of the book in his hands. He sat mortified pieces of Word leaking through the tight confines of his fists. He dropped the book with tears spilling from his eyes. He saw the blistering images of his family. The light of the oncoming traffic, the screeching of tires and the last breathe of his wife right there next to him in the vehicle. It was so sudden so surreal.

He broke free from the trance and fell to his knees folding his fingers into each other. Then guilt urged him to do something he hadnt done in quite some time. He prayed, confessed and begged for forgiveness.

Then, with his eyes still closed, he felt a blunt pain in his chest. The blunt pain gave origin to more pulses of a sharper pain that surged up and down his left arm. When he opened his eyes the pain had faded and he stood before the door of his motel room. He knew something was amiss and threw the door ajar.

As he walked into the room, he saw a seraph. Her golden hair cascaded onto her shoulders and her snow-white wings enveloped her. Above her head burned a halo of fire, which emitted brilliant white light.

When her wings unfolded she stood like Eve once had, in the majesty of innocence. He was set aflame with a passion, which once drove him to preaching.

With a single flap of her wings she was against him embracing him. She spoke with an angelic voice that seemed to echo as it soothed his broken existence.

You no longer have to endure this pain and with that she carried him off leaving only the shadow of a man behind.

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-Please note that my first language is not English so don't look too aggresively at the grammar.

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