Bean Soup on Christmas

by Kevin Rottweiler

It is a wonderful day for those with jobs

and cars and material things

but some of us are suffering

and the homeless shelter

reminds us that

life can be hard

but we got bean soup

on Christmas

filled in little cups

with a chunk of bread

and the Christmas lights shine

and we do know Christ the Lord

happy with our small fortune

in a world so shattered

in a world so tattered

but we got bean soup on Christmas

and our souls are filled with Jesus

nobody can take that from us

and then some chicken was fried

and the people sung and ate

like on the grass hill

where Jesus fed the 5,000

and all broke bread together

people tell me where the love

comes from

He is so awesome

and we had

and a prophet delivered the chicken

big white meaty chunks of meat

just wonderful God

a wonderful God

could create such Heaven

before old and dusty eyes

some of our days are

shorter as we age

but Jesus is near us

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