Cinis stood on the sidewalk in the middle of the city, the browns and gray colours of downtown Kent dulled form the thick clouds that hung like a sheet over the world. Her amber hair was pulled back in to a ponytail that flowed down her back. She stood there with her face upturned to the sky. She closed her azure eyes to reveal the black layer of eye shadow on her eye lids, her red lips slightly split with a smirk as the first few drops of rain fell on to her face.

The world didnt notice the one person that stood there in the middle of the crowd of people walking to all their important places to be. Cinis just stood there in the middle of the bustle of the crowd. The whole of humanity never notices the one teenager that stands there in black skinny jeans, with a short sleeved black shirt unbuttoned just enough to see the velvet red lacy under shirt, her red scarf fluttered slightly in the breeze. Her hand rested gently on her hot pink and black studded belt, her wrists covered by leather spiked bracelets and multi colored rubber bands.

The rain suddenly picked up and the people rushed past her to get out of the rain broke her away from her slight moment of bliss. She looked around at the crowd of people, the colors of all the things they are feeling floated around them. Today the majority of the crowd was the electric green from the rain, but she was able to see the ones who had the darkness floating around them avoiding eye contact. The business people that are surrounded by red, getting their precious presentations wet. Yes today was a mix of new people and different emotions that floated around them. Cinis liked her gift, even though people thought it was a little weird how she always knew just what they were feeling. She never fit in with this world, but she was fine to observe it. She didnt really want to fit in to it anyway.

Thunder boomed over head as the beating of the rain began to increase. Cinis walked over the covered bus stop and sat on the blue plastic bench. She began to think back of the time when she first developed her gift. She was looking at a group of people in the lunch room while she sat at a table by herself. Even before the manifestation of her gift she usually wanted to just watch people, she wasnt shy she just liked quite sometimes.

Slowly the blue and black bus pulled up to her stop and allowed her to get on. Cinis fished through her pockets for the change she had placed there earlier with the exact amount that it would take. She pulled the six quarters and placed them into the coin slot on the top of the machine that dispensed her transit paper. She didnt need it for she was only taking the bus a short way up the hill, but she kept the little piece of paper it spit out at her. She liked the pinkish orange color of the paper. She began folding it into a flower as she walked toward the back.

There were only three people on the bus today all of them grey, bored. The ride up the hill to her house was short. Cinis pulled out her hot pink iPod and stuck in her black inked skull candys. She scrolled down to her favorite song, Madness by a British band called Muse.

Cinis closed her eyes to the world and let the beat of the song flow over her. Almost silently she began to hum along to the song. Slowly two minutes rolled by and the bus stopped at the bus station down the road from her house. She got out through the door in the back of the bus and began the short walk home.

She looked down through the smog filled air at the city. An unexplainable cold seemed to fill the air. It made the world seem sharp to her, like a knife getting pulled across the skin to release the red fountain of life. Cinis shuttered as she thought of those she had seen that who did this. She hated to so all the conflicting emotions the trudged through every day, but what could she do. All she saw was their pain. They just yelled at her and said she didnt understand. She didnt, but she did understand the way they felt. She understood the way they were.

Cinis walked up to the front of her house, the majority of it was white but it had a light blue trim that trailed around the outside just under the roof. It looked like a one story, but because of the hill it was built upon from the back you could tell it had two.

She reached forward and tried the handle and found it locked. She had expected as much. Kent wasnt the kind of place you left your doors unlocked whether you were home or not. She pulled the silver key out of her pocket and put it in the key hole on the handle. She stepped inside and took in the brown pleather furniture in the living room. The house had a slight plastic taste to the air mixed with wet dog. Apparently the dog got out and back in again. She passed through the kitchen to a brown door that followed down some wooden stairs. At the bottom was the basement. The cold concrete floor was mostly covered in an assortment of rugs or the tattered remains of a thick brown carpet as was the case in one section of the floor.

Cinis walked over to another dark wooden door, the gold doorknob losing its shine from the years of hands that had used it. She had to push the door open with her shoulder because the hinges sagged and made the door drag on the thick carpet on the other side. She walked in and smelled the distinct aroma of pretzels mixed with other junk foods. There were various toys scattered across the messy room that she had to step over to get to the door to her room.

Cinis room had purple walls and she had hung up pink curtains to make it seem a little less dark. The sheets on her bed were bright pink, contrasting with the black wiring of the frame. She stopped to look at herself in the large mirror that sat atop her white dresser. She had other various knick-knacks sitting next to her mirror, small little plastic toys, colorful glass perfume bottles, several sets of fingernail polish, and a very distinct knife in a red sheath. It was the kind you would see in a medieval movie that royalty would have with them. It had a golden trim that wound around the red velvet sheath and complimented the golden hilt as solid tip of the sheath.

Walking over to her bed, Cinis first sat down and then laid down on it with her legs dangling off the side. Slowly she released a long breath and rested in the quiet for several minutes before sitting up and walked over to the drawer she kept her computer in when she wasnt using it. She carried it over to her bed and opened it and sat in front of it crisscross apple sauce style. She logged on and opened up Microsoft Word, she felt like writing a poem. She typed for a bit but changed her mind on what she wanted it to sound like. Slowly she began again.

In a world full of grey people,

only the heart can show true color.

Is this the way we live,

Without and any hope for something better?

Is the sky a dark blue, purple?

Who else can see the heart of a street brawler?

What else must we give?

Why do we wait for our hearts to get the black letter?

She saved the poem into her documents on her computer, and shut it down. She didnt think any one would understand the meaning of it, but she would still post it online later. Slowly she pushed her laptop over to the side and curled up on her bed and lay like that for a while, until her mind slept letting her wake to the intricate world of dreams.

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