Mrs Sisyphus

by John Farrow

Mrs Sisyphus

It's come off.

It happens a lot.

The splintered old wicker shopping basket lies on its wheel in the road.

A small loaf,some carrots.Utterly Butterly.

Here let me.

I pick up the little wire wheel.

The rubber is very worn.

So is the owner.

Very small and thin, an old topcoat and headscarf.

A matchstick figure. Fallen off the back of a Lowry.

Where's the nut?

No nut.I havent got a nut.

Tape, sticky tape

I puts sticky tape round my pocket.

I bring it with me.

I'm not sure...

Yes yes, sticky tape,wrap it round.


We put the provisions back in the basket.

Far to go? I ask.

No she says.

Just to the end of the road and round the corner.

Shall I..?

No no lovey, thank you very much.

She leaves,steering her basket around the cracks.

The wicker creaks.

I stand watching until she reaches the end of the road.

She turns the corner.

The wheel comes off.

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