Last Night

by Justinain The Red King

    There was this chick who just sat in the dark back of the bar. She glared at me as if I would catch fire if she stared hard enough. I never was able to see her full face. The only noticeable thing about her was her eyes, they were black. Not just like the inner part but her entire eye, it was hella trippy man. Phil said to his friend with a slight slur in his voice. The bandage on his neck was beginning to seep blood through in two distinct spots. With every word he spoke he winced from the pain of his own voice in his ears, every sound was too much; any amount of light was too much.

    What happened? I wake up and go outside to find my roommate half dead on my doorstep? he spoke staring into the bloodshot brown eyes of his friend. His friends black hair was greasy and had patches of blood in it mixed in with beer.

    I did what any guy in a bar who sees a chick staring at him in a bar, I bought a drink for her and went to say hi. What kind of man would I be if I didnt? Do I look like Rome from science, making googol eyes and other dudes? he started to laugh but quickly stopped, hangovers dont like happiness.

    Seriously dude we should like call the cops or something. This is no joke. You come home with bite marks on your neck and a serious loss of blood people dont just bounce back from that. Stay home from class tomorrow or go to the hospital or something, how much did you drink last night your blood is like half Budweiser.

    Dude I feel fine, besides a mild hangover. I have to go to class tomorrow nothing short of death will keep me from school if my parents hear that I didnt get to school they would fly up and hire someone to kick my butt. Its just the light it like hurts now, not the way it used to this time it hurts. Phil said as he stood up.

    Ok, its your life. Go on with your story.

    Well I bought her a beer, then I went over and all I really remember was her eyes. Oh and she was hot, like damn hot.

    Thats it you went ad said hi to black eyed chick the end.

    Thats as far as my memory goes.

    Youre a loser.


    And youre stupid

    This is no fair, I am going back to be

He was cut off by a chick with black eyes breaking down their front door. The entire front half of her was drenched in blood. There you are honey. I was wondering where you got off to.

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