Crimson Lily

by Roba Elsherif

I never thought I'd see a day like this. It felt like the worst day of my life.

I woke up the next day hearing the slam of our mailbox opening and closing. Instantly Will came to my mind and I hurried out before my parents woke up with a new spur of hope. I knew deep down that it was just another hopeless mail day.

Another day of wasted tears.

I threw the mail on the table for my dad to see later and headed back to my room. I threw one last hopeless glance at the envelopes and turned away. No Will. I was beginning to lose hope.


It wasn't until a few hours later that everything happened.

It wasn't until Mom came over with an envelope for me ripped open with a blank shocked look on her face. I saw the name printed clearly on it. Mrs. Jackson. Will Jackson.

I lost my mind after that. The words seemed to replaying in my head over and over.

Sorry to inform you but our son has passed away from a rare disease and..

Sorry to inform you .Sorry.Sorry. Over and over again.

Will has been sick the whole time and kept away from me. My fiancÃ, my love. I will never see him again.

It was like all the shutters went down on everything forever. Everything blurred after that and it felt like I was walking through a long dark alley that will never end.


The next few days were nightmares. I was still too shocked and dazed to know what was happening. On Friday I woke up realizing that its me and Will's usual meeting day.

Of course how could I forget?

Tonight I would go to our usual meeting place where he would be waiting for me.

I was out of my mind. I wish I never went.

My body seemed to be automatically moving itself to where I'm supposed to go. I didn't know what I was doing or where I am. Next thing I know I'm being embraced in a big manly hug.

Somewhere in my brain something clicks. Will.

Later on I think, why didn't the unfamiliarity of his hug and voice click in my mind even thought I wasn't really conscious? Why didn't I try to force myself out of the daze and see where I am?

"Come with me baby, its our special night. Didn't ya miss me.?"

I was led into a place of loud music and dancing and I started dancing with them, not able to stop.

Last thing I remember is the crimson color of a huge lily being thrust under my nose.

"It's a special one for you my love"

I couldn't stop smelling it. It felt like it was held by some sort of gravitational force under my nose.

I began to lose consciousness and slipped away"


A piercing headache woke me up later on in the middle of the night. I looked around. I was in my bed under my warm covers. I hardly remembered anything from the day and I sat there, dazed and staring at the wall.

"I miss my Will." I whimpered suddenly.

I frowned. Wasn't I with him a while ago? I must have nodded off and he carried me all the way here. Yes, that must be it.

A piercing pain shot through me again. I looked down to see a long deep red cut on the bottom of my legs.

"Omigod, I must have fallen yesterday while dancing," I thought to myself.

I wrapped a blanket tightly around it and slipped under the covers once again. Tomorrow would be another day with my Will.


The next day I found myself going to the same place again. The same hug, the same voice. I found myself dancing with the beat once again in the same arms.

Then, all of a sudden the crimson lily was thrust under my nose again.

"That's so pretty Will. You're so sweet," I heard myself say.

I began to lose consciousness as the smell took over me and echoing voices started in my head.

"Beware the crimson lily, Rosy. The crimson lily..."

The voice sounded so familiar all of a sudden but I was too unconsciousness to put anything together.


When I woke up in my warm bed once again my leg felt paralyzed from pain. This time there were two slashes connected to the other one and dried blood smeared all over.

I stared at it.

It seemed to be forming a picture. A symbol.

I didn't know why it looked so familiar.

Images of blood on the floor and a screaming woman came to my mind.

A slashed leg and the sound of crying. Crushed crimson lilies all over the floor.

I shook my head. Where were these images and sounds coming from?

The cuts on my leg looked too familiar though and I couldn't stop staring at it. It couldn't have been just a fall.

Memories began to fill my mind. Sometimes I wish I never remembered

"Daddy, why do you always have a stack of paper with the same picture on it.?"

" Sweetheart, go play with your friends. It's just my personal symbol"

I watched him shove the files into a locked drawer. I never got to see them again.

Whimpering. "They did that to me baby. They did that to kill me. I love you."


"Beware the crimson lily. Beware."

I shook my head trying to get rid of everything. Mommy? Kill me? Images of a tall hazel eyed lady flashed in my head. The caress of her fingers. Her warm hug.

I stared at the cuts again. It felt like my mind was suddenly clearing up and spinning so hard at the same time.

I got up and silently walked to my father's study. I stared at the locked drawer which has been locked for a long time. I never really thought about it before. I tugged the hairpin out of my hair and swiftly opened the drawer.

Files and Files. Millions of papers. Pictures

And the symbol. The same as the one on my legs.

I looked through the papers. All I kept seeing were the same words. The Bilonio gang. Bilonio all over and the same symbol. There were pictures of me as a toddler with the same tall hazel eyed lady.

Pictures of the symbol slashed on her leg.

Pages and pages of Bilonio gang requirements: Kill the chick but not before carving the symbol on her leg. Drug her with our special crimson lily. You will now be officially part of us.

A crushed crimson lily.

My real birth certificate. Rosemary Andy Johnson.

But my name is Rosemary Keller.

Hard shocks and realizations began to hit me all at once. My life would never be the same again.

My parents weren't really my parents.

I was kidnapped. Taken away from the mother they probably killed to join the gang.

And the same thing was going to happen to me.

Will! Where was he?

I started weeping all of a sudden unable to control the feelings and emotions poring out of me.

Next thing I knew my parents were rushing into the study and stopping dead at the sight of me surrounded by papers and papers with the forbidden drawer wide open. My mom immediately started sobbing.

"I'm so sorry Rosy. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. You see__"

She stopped as dad punched her. "SHUT UP NOW ELISE"

He turned towards me. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING HERE?" he yelled.

My mom started sobbing even more. "I felt bad Rose. I felt bad that he had to do this to your mom so I forced him to take you. I'm so sorry."

Dad was so red in the face now. Steam seemed to be blowing out of his nose. I trembled and inched away.

This person in front of me is part of a gang.

This person killed my mother.

This person wasn't my dad.

When I looked down at my hands, that's when I first realized the writing on the bottom of my palm.

Meet me tomorrow in the same place. Big party. "Your Willy

Willy? That person wasn't Will after all. He drugged me to kill me. To be a Bilonio.

But what did he do to Will?!!

"WILL!" I suddenly blurted out and stared sobbing uncontrollably. The angry sound of my father penetrated my loud cries.

" You will NEVER see him again and you deserve it, good thing Tony got rid of him."

I cried out loud. "WILL!" I screamed.

He was really dead. Really gone.

It wasn't his parents who sent that letter. He wasn't sick.

He was murdered.

The Crimson Lily Bilonios did that to him. They wanted to get me.

I watched my life break down into pieces right infront of my eyes.

It was over.

Everything was over.

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