He Didn't Even Say Goodbye.

by Austin Lee Simmons

Being a young man I knew that the love of another wouldn't last long. I in high school, and he in college, it was set up to fail. I sat waiting for the call of a lifetime. He was supposed to come pick me up and take me to see his parents. I was going to finnaly meet the people who raised my wonderful Clayton. But, He called and told me his mother wasn't feeling up to it. So instead he took me to the Stingrays. The bar i frequented, Sence they didn't ID and I was only 17. We played a game of pool and I drank my Vodka and Crandberry Juice, and he his Budweiser. Then almost like the end of a cigarette, he asked if he could take me home. "Of course baby, is everything ok?" I said, knowing that he didn't want to take me to my own home. "Why yes, I just don't feel like sharing you with the whole bar tonight." I knew what was going on. He had his six beers and he wanted to get lucky. And it wasn't really getting lucky, if he would've asked, I would have fucked him in that bar.

So we go to his house. We do our thing. But this time, something was off. He didn't fall right asleep. "I have to take you home." He said. "No its okay I'll stay here tonight, I dont have school tomorrow." But he insisted. "You gotta be home babe, we'll go see my parents tomorrow." "Alrighty then" I say in acceptance.

We get to my house not saying a word to eachother. I go to give him a kiss goodbye, but he speeds away.

  The next moring I try to call about seeing his parents today. But no one answers. A couple hours later I see it. The 10 o'clock news tells all. There was a wreck two streets down from my house. I see his red 1995 Monte Carlo was hit by a blazer. I fell to my knees crying for twenty minutes. But then I hear the news. "Twenty Three year old Clayton Martins body was never found. The cheif inspector says that there was no possible way that Clayton could have survived the crash..." Then I remember. Clayton was a Heroin addict from the ages of 20 to 22. He owed one of his dealers. My boyfriend didn't die that night. He faked his own death to get out of paying...

  I found out six months later I had contracted HIV from him. Sorry son of  a bitch got away with giving me HIV and got out of paying his 5 thousand dollar debt to drug dealing scum. Whats even worse. I still love him. And he didn't even say goodbye.

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