A Dream That Chose Another Path

by Aledos Spaz

  JUST A POSSIBLE BEGINING OF A SECOND NOVEL; id love your thoughts on it. Its a VERY rough draft. thank you             

It was six thirty in the morning. Nick Random had not slept all night. He got out of his bed just as his family got up from sleep. He could barely wait until his sister and mother were done in the bathroom and he stumbled in. He was not sleepy, he doesnt sleep. For the next twenty minutes he was fighting with a terrible sickness in his stomach. Few times he leaned over the toilet in an effort to throw up. On the way up, he got the familiar dizziness that he has been getting lately and in an attempt to keep his balance he pulled down the shower curtains. Like a drunk man. His mother knocked on the door and asked if everything was all right? Even in the midst of all that he had been going through, he was still well aware that he must not let his family worry. After the assurance that he was fine, his mother and sister wish him a good day and left for work and school.

                Nick Random washed his face and the back of his neck with cold water one last time. He had been sitting on the toilet for the past five minutes thinking of absolutely nothing and staring in the old and beat up, but thoroughly clean, ceramic flagstones on the wall. He lifted his view up from the sink in the mirror in front of him. His hair had grown and taken a figure that even he himself is not accustomed to. His beard had not been trimmed for months and his eyes were red and bloody. Nick Random found his way on the sofa in the living room. Across from him is a window that looks outside, down from the fifth floor. A picture of a dim, rainy and gross day is presented in the window. Just another day, he thought. Nick Random was twenty four years old, and at eight oclock in the morning, he was sitting at the end seat of the sofa and looking through the window as the bells from the nearby church rang and the pigeons took their morning dive from the roof of the five story building across from him, now thinking about suicide.

Now the emptiness began. In his pocket he had exactly two dollars and fifty cents. If he was not so ill fated he would have had twenty dollars and could have gone through with his plans to buy couple of books to read by Bukowski. But the bets that he placed the night before didnt go through in the most unlucky kind of fashion. He loved to gamble. For him, it was not about the money. In this society and time of order, rules and obviousness, he loved the idea of chance. He has been always obsessed with the universe and felt that chance and luck related him to it. With everything expected around him, he found unpredictability, the most romantic of things.

This was a World which exposes the human eye to an astonishing number of three hundred and fifty thousand advertisements until they reached the age of eighteen. Three hundred and fifty thousand lies. In the business world, machines are made to act like humans, and it is asked of humans to act like machines every day. Everything becomes convenient, if you have money. The planet is a marketplace, and life became too expensive. This civilization killed Nick Randoms dreams in the last two years. The civilization that sold the most beautiful view of the sky, the benefit to explore the forests, the feeling of clean drink of water satisfying the natural urge of thirst, the joy of counting the species of animals and, maybe even most importantly, the brotherly love and care between us people, for money and power. The irony that the masters of trade would accept a deal like that was too big for Nick. It has left them full of money and him, empty of desire to live among them.

                A desire in him was burning, a desire that led him to do something. At the time when Nick Random was in College he was a full time student, an outstanding athlete, founded and ran his own business and still use to set up couple of hours in the week to dedicate to doing good in the community. That time was hectic, that time was tough and painfully busy, but that time was the light of his life, and now blackness has taken over. He finished school with a degree in business and marketing, and became a master of a world that he newly discovered he hates. Today he is tired because he cant sleep without dreams, they had been taken away from him.

Nick Random stood up and went out on the balcony. He often wondered if the fifth floor is high enough. Maybe if he jumped with his head first, he thought, that would get the job done. He stood an arm length away from the rail. Tired of the World he was living in, of the sleepless nights and of the humans he was sharing his air with, he was trying to make a choice. Nick found it beautiful. The chances were fifty-fifty. He stood there for few minutes thinking about his family, his life and God. Is it the right time, he thought? Great things happen at special moments. Something made him pull his hand in his pocket, and Nick found probably the thing that could have brought him the most joy in that moment, a quarter. One quarter out of those two dollars and fifty cents. It was more than enough, he thought. The universe can make this decision. Nick Random standing an arm away from his death flipped the coin in the air and let someone else make a decision for him

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