The Day After

by Lavelle Smith

Cold, dark, and empty. "Where am I?" Anthony asked himself. The last thing that he could remember was when he was driving home,and there was construction zone causing him to take an early turn. Just moving into the town, Anthony wasn't familiar with the windy road he was forced to take. The only thing he knew about his new town was its name- Bennet and the path he took to and from school.

When Anthony came up on the construction site, he was startled to see an old man that must have not clocked out yet. Was he even a worker? All he had on were blue overalls stained with what looked to be blood, and work boots covered in mud as if he just got done working in the coal mines. As Anthony's 2012 white Camero came up on the stranger, the man pointed towards the detour sign. Anthony followed the mans demand and went down the windy road, instead of going down the road that would lead him to his house. But as Anthony drove by the work site nothing was even being worked on, so why would the guy be standing out there at 10:30 pm directing traffic away from the main road that ran through the small town of Bennet.

"What a creep"! Anthony thought. He was agitated and exhaused after a long day of school that later led to an over time of stage production for the school's upcoming play. The glow from his phone sparked his attention. "Hey babe" sent from his girlfriend. Anthony looked up at the road one more time, and then looked down at his phone to reply to his message. The next thing Anthony knew was that he wasn't at home, and he seemed to be in danger.

"Are you awake"? A voice came from the left of the room. The voice was deep and scartchy, but familiar. Anthony decided not to answer. When Anthony realized that he was laying on a table, but was not in restraints he jumped off the table and started running. The unoccupied table set off a screaming alarm. Anthony could see the light seeping in from a hole that he was about 100 yards from. He was in a cave! As Anthony was running when he noticed that there was no longer light seeping in through the hole in the cave. "Was someone standing, blocking the exit"? Anthony pondered the idea of what he would do if there was a guard at the door or if simply the clouds just moved in front of the moon.

Though Anthony did'nt know where he was, he knew that he had to be getting close to the exit. It felt like he was running forever but wasn't getting anywhere. Just like that he heard the voice scream "Anthony! Are you up"? Now Anthony could see the light again. All of a sudden at the peak of his run he fell off the side off a cliff inside the cave; where he thought the exit was. He was free falling. When he opened his eyes, he could see the ground approaching quickly and just before he hit the ground he woke up.

He was gasping for breath. Anthony's dad just looked at him in confusion and said "Must have been a crazy dream, I've been trying to wake you up for ever"!

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