Jo Jo the Pit Bull

by Kevin Rottweiler

Jo Jo was at his water dish when the squirrel hit, then he went insane. Salivating and churning, he began salivating and navigating-- he wanted the squirrel, so he fought for it. Rubbing the earth with his hooves, like a baby pig, he grunted and prepared to break the chain he was connected to. On the farms, it is common to let the Pit Bulls run free, but Jo Jo was just too fixated on smaller objects, so they kept him chained up.

Jo Jo looked up to the blue sky and said a prayer, then he broke the chain, smelling the scent of the squirrel at a neighboring tree. Now this was his chance, finally to get that squeaky squirrel that was haunting him for the past several weeks.

But out of nowhwere, the big German Shepherd from next door intervened and tackled Jo Jo to the ground, putting up a new fight. Jo Jo was completely startled by Max, the dog from next door. So Jo Jo stopped in his tracks and decided to forget the fight and walked away. Out of the window, Sarah yelled, "Come to supper Jo Jo," and the Pit Bull decided it was time for dinner.

Now both dogs with tails wagging went up the stairs, to Sarah and had a good supper! It was decided by the "farm lady" that the dogs would enjoy a dinner instead of a fight-- and all was well on the farm. Both dogs got their bellies rubbed and went back to their dog houses.

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