Problem Solved

by Merle Morris

I watched; I listened, but I held my silence. I kept it all inside. Inside I was screaming, yet I uttered not a word. Outside I was pleasant and smiling. You would never have known that I was losing my mind. Slowly-oh so slow until it consumed my entire being it was growing, festering. It became that it was the only thing on my mind. I decided that I must take some avenue of recourse. I was losing my mind and I realized that I must do something before it was too late. So I made the fateful decision. I set about making my wicked plans.

It started soon after I was first married. I had the woman of my dreams, but I wasn't fooled for I knew that everyone else also wanted her. Oh, everyone pretended that it wasn't so, but I could tell. I wasn't fooled by their supposedly indifference. I was aware of the snide glances and the looks that went on when they thought that I was inattentive.

I guess she wasn't at fault. She couldn't help that she had that effect upon men. And strangely enough I love her for her being, not because she was beautiful. I wouldn't have minded if she had been plain. I started wishing that she had of been. If she hadn't been so pleasant to look at then my problem would be solved.

So I made up my mind. If I took her good looks from her then she would be appealing only to me. Oh, I realize now that I wasn't thinking rationally, but at the time it seemed as if it would be the solution to all of my problems.

So I set my plan into operation. One night as she was returning from a late night dinner with supposedly some lady friends of hers, I hid behind some shrubs and as she came by alone I put acid into her face.

I will never forget her screams. I wanted to help her but I couldn't. I must rush away to be at home when the news came.

It was a nightmare for both of us. To her it was the end of the world and it really bothered me to see her in such agony, but secretly I was happy. From now on she will be all mine. No other men would lust after her.

Since she has come home I have assured her on numerous occasions that I still love her and desire as much as I ever did. Still she wears a veil over her face, but she told me tonight she would remove it. I am so happy.

I couldn't understand it but while we were having dinner I became so sleepy that I had to go to my bed. I don't think I could have made it without her help as the last thing I can remember is helping me down the hallway.

It is dark-completely dark. Not a shimmer of light is coming from anywhere. I am in such pain and my eyes are on fire. I try to reach up to my face but my hand won't move. Could it be that they are fastened to the sides of the bed. I try to call out but there is something over my mouth. It hurts so much and I can't even tell anyone. If I could summons her I know she would help me.

Suddenly I can feel her by my side. She takes my hand in hers.

"Relax, dear," she says. "Everything will be alright. You will get well and we will have a good life together. I knew how bad it hurt you for me to lose my looks so I fixed it for you. You will never have to look at pitiful face. While you were under the effects of the drug I gave you, I removed your eyes."

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