A Long Harsh Journey

by Cody Smith

chapter 1

Honey Im home I state as I calmly stroll through the door, and shout where is everyone? Confused I creep into the kitchen and see a bloody note on the wall that states we have your wife and child if you want to see them alive meet me at the telegraph office. I grab my horse and race off towards the meeting prepared for anything. My mind races trying to figure out who would do this then I realize it has something to do with that son of a bitch Dutch. As Im ridding I can think of nothing but what is happening to my son where he is?, who has him?, I finally make it to the telegraph office prepared for a fight I check my six shooter and prepare for battle.

A man greets me as I walk in the office Mr. Thurston about time you arrived he calmly stated. I replied angrily where is my wife and son? The man said calmly Mr. Thurston no need to get upset, there fine I knew I couldnt trust anything this man said but I had no choice. You better tell me where they are right now I calmly said. Bill you must do something for me first He politely stated. What do you want? I said trying to hold back my rage. Bill bring me Dutch and youll get Marty and Mary back Dutch I dont know where he is! Well I guess you better find him then. Then the man slowly strolled away. I thought to myself how am I supposed to find Dutch.

I notice a general store and go inside, and contemplate buying a bottle of whiskey then I notice a patch on the clerks jacket. I know it from somewhere I think to myself and then I realize its a patch Dutch used to make us wear in the gang. So I say Ill have a pack of smokes and the clerk reaches then to me and says thatll be 25 cents sir I reach him the money and say thanks. I sat outside for a while and waited for the store to close then around dark the clerk headed out. I calmly tailed him hoping he would lead me to Dutch. where the hell did he go? I think to myself then he popped up and said mister why you following me I calmly replied Im lost and was hoping youd lead me back to a town I watched him reach for something and before he had a chance I drew my pistol and put it in his face. Just calm down mister he said shut the fuck up and get on the ground I shouted. I forced him off of his horse and found a small gun in his pocket. Planning on shooting me partner? I asked. Yea if you woulda gave me the chance. He said with anger in is voice as I tied his hands behind his back and made camp.

Tell me where Dutch is? I calmly asked. I aint telling you shit motherfucker! He shouted. So youre going to make me work for it? I asked nicely. Fuck you! He replied. I walked over towards him and put a bag over his head while he shouted STOP PLEASE STOP! Then I strung him up by his hands in the nearest tree and tore the bag off his head. Still not going to tell me? I asked again. Do your worst. He calmly said. I leave him over night hoping a night hanging will lose his lips. Ready to talk now? I asked. Never asshole! He stated. So I looked through his belongings and found an old cattle brander. I built my fire up and stuck the cattle brander in there. Last chance asshole! I stated. You wont do it! He whimpered. So I got the brander out and started towards him. No please, dont ill tell you anything! He cried. Where is Dutch you dumb son of a bitch? I shouted. Huh, huh Hes in the mountains in an old cabin! He stated. Mountains, where is he talking about I thought to myself as I seen the fear in his eyes. Do you mean the Chillad Mountains? I asked. Yes now please mister let me go! He pleaded. No I think you should hang around for a while I chuckled. I thought how in the hell am I going get him even if I do find him? Then I rode off in search of Dutch.

Chapter 2.

     I had finally reached the base of the mountains. I contemplated on how to catch Dutch. Now it was time to be ready I knew I would have only one option. That option was to kill Dutch the marshals didnt care how I got him as long as the body came back with me. I stopped to camp just a little before dark then thought how I was going to get to him. Then I remembered how crazy he was and also how he was like my brother. I didnt know if I could do it but I knew I had to for my wife and son. As soon as the son came up I was off heading towards the cabin. I spotted the cabin about 300 yards away so I got off my horse and slowly walked through the woods. I crept up to the dirty window and peeked inside I couldnt see anything. Where is he? I whispered.

Looking for me? I slowly turned around and there he was with a look of anger on his face. Dutch Ive come for you! I stated. He looked at me and said ohh really you think you can take me in? Yes I have to they have my wife and boy! I stated. If you think Ill go without a fight your dead wrong! he said calmly. I know youll fight and I dont want to but Ill take you out Dutch! I stated. Do it then Bill if you got the nuts! He laughed. Just then I reached for my revolver. What the fuck, where is it? I stated. Looking for this bill he said as he held up my pistol. Then Dutch pulled his revolver out and I thought I was dead but he said bill I surrender..wait, wait I change my mind as he fired a shot at my head. I ducked down to avoid the shot and ran forward and took Dutch down. As we wrestled for the gun Dutch screamed youll never take me in. I replied yes I will. And I finally managed to get the gun and pointed it at Dutchs face. youre coming with me bitch I stated.

As I got Dutch tied up and on the back of my horse he screamed bill you better let me go. you know what? I said. what bill? WHAM as I violently struck him on the head. I think its time for bed I chuckled. As I got farther away from the cabin I starting remembering the good times I had when I rode in a gang with him. Then I realized the good times where still bad no matter how good they seemed to be. I finally made it out of the mountains but I had no Idea what to do now that I had Dutch. I see a creepy little town and rode towards hoping to find a sheriff. As rode into the town all I saw was boarded up windows and finally I spotted a sheriff and asked him how would a man go about getting in touch with the U.S. marshals? I asked him. I guess you could send a telegraph, why do you need the marshals? he asked. I have a federal fugitive. I stated ok let me see what I can do but whats your name? he asked. Bill Thurston I stated. I hitched my horse and had a seat near the saloon keeping my eye on Dutch I was hoping the sheriff could help.

The sheriff finally returned and said ok they will be here shortly. Then immediately got out of town wheres he off to I thought to myself. It wasnt long till bill was up and bitching so I hit him again to keep him quiet. Then after about two hours of waiting I finally seen a bunch of men on horses. It was the marshals the man form the telegraph office got off his horse well you got our man? he asked. yea, now where is my wife and son? I asked here you go mister Thurston he said. Then a couple men brought my wife and son over to me. Mary, Marty are you ok? I asked. yes were fine. Mary stated. Then the men took Dutch and set off back down the trail. Mary asked what now bill? were going home I stated.

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