by B B

"I am always in awe of how every choice we make, every road we take, every interaction begins a chain reaction, theres a cause and effect when we least expect it, culminating into an experience, started by a gaze, resulting in a touch, making a connection. This is my personal experienceone thats close to my heart."

I think we make connections throughout our livesmost are fleeting, but some are enduringfor the lucky few in this world, they make a connection that lasts, and they live out their lives together. For others, it is merely a cool breeze that soothes our souls for a whileand their leaving creates a yearninga longingthat cannot be appeased by anyone else.

I remember my experience as though it happened yesterdayit has formed a furrow in my brain. It happened in an instant as unexpectedly as a sneeze, this uninvited condition seized my heart completely.The moment when he looked at mewhen our eyes met, my mind is unwilling to let it go. I had to pinch myself was this real this feeling of releaseI was floating in his heavenly atmosphere.

I tried to catch my balance, but it was as though I was supposed to fall. It started with a gazeslight smileswords remained unspokenand although time passed by, the hazy nostalgia remained embedded in my heart, unabated, but subdued.

When our paths did cross once againthe feeling came rushing back as if no time had passed at all. When he told me he remembered me and gave me that knowing smilemy heart literally burstwho was this man how could he invoke such a desire within mehe had become a secret wanting like a song I couldnt stop humming. We met a few times after thatI thought we could be friends, but fate had other plans.

Ill admit it was a surreptitious manoeuvre, when we finally touched. I wanted to savour the moment, when we first traversed that imaginary line that separates two people, their personal space. I had been longing for him to invade my space. When he held my hand, and our fingers intertwinedhis warmth seeped through my skin, and melted my resolve like breath on ice.

To me he was like the sunso dazzling, but always out of my reachso when we touchedI loved how his light, his soul, this man, became tangiblesomething to touch and hold, and not to simply find myself surrounded.

His words were like a melody to my soul. My heart opened to his voice like flowers open to the kisses of the dawn. He told me he was good at keeping secretsin that instant, all I wanted to be was a silent secret, whispered slowly only to him, so that he could keep meWe shared our scars, our loves, our hates

I remember the exact moment our lips touchedthe memory still makes me quiver with delight. I was caught in his gazedrawn to him like a moth to a flamehis face was so close to mine I could no longer see ithis voice was a whisper on my lips, I recall the heat of his breath against my skinwhen he covered my lips with his, a tender allure of sweet surrender clouded my mind. What started so gently, grew in strengthI shivered and trembled as I felt his hands travel up my back, and through my hair. I wanted to memorise the shape of his tongue, and his musky scent. His touch evoked something that moved my very being, emotion and thought. I wanted him entirelywhen our lips parted breathlesslyI recall the painful sweetnessthe essence of him still lingered on me, a sweet reminder of our first kiss.

Hes gone nowhe came into my life like a soft summer breeze, and his light passed through me with such ease. I have touched and tasted the sunhow could I turn away. I knew, when it started, he could not stayI knew it would be impossible...

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