Jay Goes Out for a Drink

by Gladys Cagle Pieniazek

As Jay was sitting at the bar, waiting for his beautiful friend, Gee, to join him, he glanced at the bartender. She wasn't too bad looking, was she? A bleached blonde mid twenties with bright red lipstick. For a split second, he wondered what it would be like to kiss those red lips. Of course, she would never measure up to his standards of the perfect woman. However, she might be alright. As he scanned the rest of the bar, he noticed a good looking redhead. She was sitting with an older gentleman, drinking, what looked like, a martini. Do people really drink martinis anymore? He thought to himself, seems that they do. Darn, he realized that he was staring at her, and she could tell that he had been watching her; she raised her eyes and looked straight at him.

Jay was intrigued by the redhead. He could not decide what he should do. Would he have time to introduce himself and make a date with her without her companion interfering, or even worse, causing a scene? His heart started racing at the challenge. He had to act quickly, before Gee showed up and ruined his game plan.

Quickly, he headed toward her able and abruptly stopped right in front of her. He completely ignored her companion and said, you have excellent cheekbones, are you by any chance a professional model? Both the redhead and her companion looked at Jay with that dazed look, of a deer in the headlight syndrome. That sad and startled look, just before it gets run over. Jay shamelessly began his come on speech. No, no, wait, wait, wait one second, you were on the March cover of Vogue. I unfortunately, have not had the honor of working with you. Modeling and photography, is such as small world its amazing that our paths have not crossed. I guess that you might be familiar with me, Jay A Jameson? Ive worked with most of the top models in the industry.

The older gentleman cleared his throat and slowly started to stand. Jay, being a master of body language, immediately understood that the situation was getting out of control. Would this old geezer become unpleasant if he continues to linger? Would the redhead come to his defense? Would Gee walk in and expect an explanation? He immediately excused himself, looked at the redhead, smiled and gave her his best boyish smile, than preceded to tell her that she would be absolutely perfect for the September cover of Vogue magazine, as he handed her his card. As he walked away, he could see the interest in her eyes. If he were able to get her alone, he knew that hed have her eating out of his hands.

Jay looked around and wondered why Gee wasn't there yet. She's usually so prompt. That's one thing that Jay liked about her - she was always on time, and never kept him waiting. Sure enough, Gee - ever faithful - just at that moment walked into the bar. He frowned, what on earth was she wearing? She had her hair piled up, in the latest style it looked a little messy - like she'd just gotten out of bed. That thought presented another image in his mind. What would Gee be like in bed? He quickly pushed that thought aside he could fantasize about that later, when he was alone. She had on a black mini skirt, which showed a little too much of her legs. He wondered if she was trying to impress him. He wondered what she was wearing underneath that mini skirt if anything at all

The fact that she has great legs would give him something to think about as he tried to show interest in whatever was being said. The topics that she talked about would destroy a lesser man. It took a lot of energy for him to have a serious conversation with her. What was her problem? She talked about things like current events, darn it. Furthermore, does she really read newspapers and waste her money buying newsmagazines? Really, what is the point? After all, it is free online. Also, she talked about politics and history as if she really found it interesting. Did she once tell him that she had spent the morning listening to a book? What in the world was that about? Oh yes, lets not forget her favorite topic, save the wild animals, or is that the future of wild animals? On our last date was she telling me about contagious giraffe neck diseases, or was it something to do with tooth decay problems that can harm the hunting abilities of hyenas, what had she been going on about? Okay, I need to claim down, if I can get her to discuss the sex life of elephants or chimpanzees maybe I will be able to follow her train of thought, just maybe, we can exchange some ideas and who knows that might lead to something more.

By Gladys Cagle Joyce Kendall

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