... The Dimming of the Light... (Part 33)

by Peter Hunter

the dimming of the light (Part 33)

Peter Hunter

of course of course

I must be bloody stupid before Fisher had arrived I had not even considered the connection

despite all our wondering our questions

the thought never occurred to me

Fisher's ten years in jail then that surprising early release. And the same thing had occurred to his employee his partner in the crime another mass murderer, Cathy Edows

Cathy Edows

who had followed Fisher for years Cathy Edows the computer software genius who's sinister talents had created the Trojan Horses, deadly viruses that could reproduce mutant versions of themselves causing harm of the most destructive kind

corrupting any computer in the county

bringing whole sections of the country's economic life to a chaotic halt.

Corrupting command and control systems

It seemed a good idea if the ten men Fisher had assigned to us, moved from their bivouacs a quarter of a mile away, to live in the house next to us, the one once occupied by the late Colonel

and at the same time Sharon and Chris could move to the privacy of their flat

leaving me by myself in the big house

* * *

But the thought of what had caused the electricity blackout still puzzled and intrigued me the reappearance of Fisher was

surely not a coincidence?

I resolved to put my theory to him ask him outright. I would wait until his next visit I did not relish doing it using the satellite radio he had provided

I wanted to look him directly in the eyes

and I did a short time after - when he again visited us

keeping me informed as he put it warning me his two ships would soon land at the deserted Southampton docks - using their self-contained facilities such as cranes and derricks to disembark the considerable amount of surface transport they carried, fuel and other supplies. Fisher told me that one of his first objectives would be to send a force of five hundred to the airfield at Boscombe Down where he expected to be able to secure it for their own use without difficulty

Finally - taking advantage in a short lull in his exuberant enthusiastic monologue - I put my important question

'David was it you, or more likely Cathy Edows responsible for ninety five per cent of the population of this country dying following the total electricity failure?'

He stared back

and something in those enigmatic blue eyes

told me I was right


Peter Hunter 2013

part of return Of The Eagle

the sequel to Time Of The Eagle on Kindle

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