... The Dimming of the Light... (Part 32)

by Peter Hunter

the dimming of the light (Part 32)

Peter Hunter

eventually we saw more and more of David Fisher . Perhaps the reason was my being his sister-in-law

    and Sharon and Chris my friends

    as I was his only living relative now that his brother Peter was dead

Maybe he had few friends left after his ten years in jail of one thing I was certain, he was not merely being sentimental

    He undoubtedly had plenty of colleagues and employees but not true friends just cronies and sycophants dependant on him for their good living although his remaining close partner-in-crime Cathy Edows appeared alive and well

    and presumably still involved but living in the USA

   The five thousand men and women the first shipment of the assorted ex-military, survivalists, adventurers

    were now close - offshore, anchored near the south coast

    waiting to land at Southampton they, had a different motivation

    part of their deal was in the form of a success fee

    if all went well if they and the subsequent ship-loads secured the earmarked five thousand square mile of southern England colonising it and holding it against subsequent re-occupation by the tiny remaining indigenous population - they would be rewarded with an assignment of large slices of land

    much like William the Conqueror's feudal lords benefited after the Norman invasion

   Strangely Britain was the only place in the world, cursed affected by this strange electricity blackout. Fisher obviously knew more about the situation than he could have without knowledge not available to most. I pressed him on this subject and he admitted to 'links with the USA authorities' - some access to satellite pictures that showed the extent of the devastation of Britain

   He was confident that by now only five percent of the countries former population remained that there was no organisation in existence that almost the entire population of cities and large towns were extinct

    he had to be confident to have spent the vast sums on ships, vehicles, other equipment and personnel

   Above all, he had to have some official backing for his audacity presumably the USA government who of course could not in any way be seen to back him officially

    because of world opinion

Fisher's strategy was one of first occupying, - then having met with little or no resistance assuming ownership of the land and properties much like the laws of 'adverse possession' that had prevailed in 'pre-crisis' times.

   If nobody could stop him then he would take the only morality would be if he had caused the problem in the first place

    caused the electricity to fail that is

   And strangely I felt I was on the verge of finding that out a possible explanation was forming in my mind and with the prospect of regular visits by Fisher

    It would not be long to finding out


      There remained many questions despite Fisher's great wealth there was no way he could have assembled his force of twenty thousand hand-picked men and women - acquired two large ex-US navy ships, helicopters, vehicles - trained them - and organised what was effectively a medium sized private army - done all these things instantly

    at the very least it must have taken several months and that raised several other questions

    Fisher explained the outlines to us supported by some documentation he seemed to have brought with him in anticipation of our likely questions; 'In mid 2013 this advert appeared on the Internet:'

'Wanted: for long-term, possibly permanent assignment

Several thousand English speaking, very fit and enthusiastic ex-military, with survivalist experience

Must be adventurous - if successful, remuneration will involve a pioneering share of a sizable resource comprising land and property

Together with participation in a new political process

Apply to the email address shown to receive more information'

Fisher explained it took only a few months to recruit the twenty thousand men and women he was looking for in 2013 there were literally millions, disillusioned with society, the world, their country the over-population, the recession and the effect of quantative easing - the whole stinking mess our pigmy apologists for leaders had got us into

    literally millions, particularly in the United States - who longed, indeed fantasised for new opportunities, perhaps some new starting line where everyone's success would be based on merit and not some social experiment in wealth redistribution

    the survival of the fittest in fact

   and Fisher

    David Fisher, convicted mass-murder recently released after serving only ten years of a life sentence, under Britain's ridiculously lenient justice system - was planning to provide that opportunity.

   But suspicion was growing in my mind - unless Fisher had some extraordinary quality that could foresee the future

    how on earth did he know our electricity would dramatically fail across the whole of Britain?


but things were improving although David Fisher had yet to bring his first tranche of five thousand men and women into Southampton - whether from his family ties with me, or some more obscure reason - he offered to give us substantial help

    he offered to send a twin-rotor Chinook helicopter from one of his two ex-military assault ships currently moored in the Channel with plenty of supplies including a large diesel-powered generator, clean fresh clothes

    as we stank

    a change of diet, soap and many other things including a battery powered satellite radio of military specification

   We would become almost human again

   The large helicopter also brought some of fisher's men and he asked my permission to 'garrison' ten of them on our land to protect us in case any of the remnants of the local population objected to our newly acquired possessions

    armed men of course

(To be continued)

Peter Hunter 2013

part of return Of The Eagle

the sequel to Time Of The Eagle on Kindle

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