... The Dimming of the Light... (Part 27)

by Peter Hunter

the dimming of the light (Part 27)

Day 36 Alice's story continues

what I was doing was therapeutic stroking the bladed tip of the broad head arrow on the whetstone

gradually honing the edge back to its razor sharpness

this arrow was very special made by my late husband as an example of a perfect killing instrument twenty-nine inches in length of beech dowel, tipped with a hunting 'Razorhead', bought in the USA where bow-hunting always was legal

and fletched with extra-long strips of feathers to counteract its heavier-than-normal arrow head

Years ago, he had explained to me, that it would be of less than expected range - so must be aimed a little higher than usual

As I carefully honed the blade I pondered thinking about who had killed my husband and why?

there were not many people left mostly dead or ill and not many carrying shotguns

and what would his or her motive have been?

The more I thought about it the more I became suspicious of the Colonel. The old fool had become more amorous towards me in recent days much of what he said contained sexual innuendo and I had no doubt that in 'pre-crisis' jargon he 'fancied me'

although none seemed to have the time or inclination for anything sexual now

the more I thought about it the more my suspicions turned into instincts - and the more I searched my mind for evidence

I knew he possessed a shotgun and ammunition - he had a sexual motive and by thinning out our number it increased his chances of survival. Also by eliminating my husband the Colonel might believe he would assume leadership of our tiny group - something he had tried to do before the murder possibly thinking that his former rank in the army made him a natural for the rle

and the more I thought about it the more certain I became

(To be continued)

Peter Hunter 2012

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