... Purdey, Symes & Wright... (Part 20)

by Peter Hunter

in disgrace (Purdy, Symes and Wright - part 20)

Peter Hunter

' Purdey'

Dad's shout was sharp, resentful and reprimanding and at first I was not sure what I was supposed to have done

I had been peacefully asleep on his lap when Mum brought his mid-afternoon cup of tea with some biscuits coated with chocolate that she had bought him yesterday at 'Desert' the caf in Salisbury where he often enjoyed the unique patisserie that the owner made fresh every morning

  and as I stretched to sniff what was to me a new snack to be investigated and perhaps sampled I was nudged aside to the arm of the chair

  where there was this Kindle device that dad had been playing with his new touch-screen Kindle.

Not knowing what it was, I naturally sat on it not realising it was still on

  and inadvertently pressing the Buy symbol in the middle of the screen

  not a book that either Dad or Mum wanted

but it only cost him 5.99 I'm in trouble again



Peter Hunter 2012

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