by Eleanor Willey

I stepped into the eerie shack. The rest of my family didnt seem to notice the houses formidable atmosphere.I did. As soon as my whole body had passed the threshold, i got the feeling of unwelcomeness and stomach churned. I hadnt eaten for at least four hours as the drive here was unortunately long. The house used to be my mothers, and she had left me everything in her kind as that is, ive never enjoyed spending my childhood here.

I left my husband and three children to explore the grounds of the house, while i was too involved in the silence of the rural area. I had never heard anything as silent as this.

Continuing throughout the house, i found a small dingy kitchen, a barren front room, and a long spindly staircase. With my mind going into overdrive, i slowly escalated the wooden stairway.Each step was like a heart beat in my head. I neared the top of the stairs. I faced a long corridor, chock full of doors leading into different rooms. The door at the end of the passage was the one that made my heart leap in my throat. It had a window nearer the top of the door frame, and through this i could see an eye, peering back at me. A terrified eye, almost longing. I raised a hand to my heart, as the eye slowly dissapeared. BANG! The door shook violently in its frame. "LET ME OUTTA HERE!!" It screamed. My face contorted in horror, and my voice caught in my throat. The voice of my mother. I screamed, and ran from the house, the voice of my mothe echoing behind me

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