Murderer's Intent

by Marius Krige

"A lovely rainy summers night tonight, get yourself a glass of wine and snuggle with your wife in front of the fireplace..." advise given by DJ Big Funk as the rain splashes on the roof of Morgan's' car.

A motorized gate with a notice board attached illuminated by the head lights of the car, which reads, CRIMINALS BEWARE, GRANNY OWNS A GUN!! The gate opens slowly with the screeching noise of the metal wheels on the gate's track.

Morgan notice a feint bluish light emitting through lounge window, he looks at the clock on the dashboard, a slight greenish color falls on his face and the clock reads, 2:43AM.

With some concern Morgan says to himself: "That's odd, Lydia never stays up this late. Maybe she fell asleep in front of the television."

He carefully parks the car and gets out locking the garage and gate. The wind howls around the corner of the house and slams the window shut.

Startled Morgan reacts and snaps his head in the direction of the open window: "Geez, what the hell!"

With a racing heart, Morgan walks over and notice something shiny lying on the ground: "Great, a broken window," upset he picks up the few broken pieces on the outside, "this is bullshit, it's raining and the window should've been closed. I just don't understand. Might as well just pick up the pieces and worry about the window tomorrow morning." he says to himself as he is walks to the rubbish bin to throw the broken glass away.

After a while Morgan stops, he focus his eyes on the paved walkway and see a big muddy print from the gardens direction: "What? A footprint? Lydia." He runs to the window and looks inside and sees another muddy footprint and shards of the broken window inside: "O no, Lydia!" He runs to the door, with haste, he struggles to get the correct key in the front door keyhole, he rushes in with tightly balled fists: "Lydia!" He runs down the dark corridor to the main bedroom. Suddenly he trips over something big in the corridor and lightly bumps his head on the corner of a door, just enough to give him a mild moment of dizziness. Morgan stumbles and struggles to find the light switch. His hands move over a slippery and sticky substance on the wall with a faint smell of iron. He flips the switch, everything covered in blood: "What the..." He looks down to see what he tripped over.

A blond woman, in her late twenties, lying lifeless on the ground. Her clothes torn, blood coming from her vaginal area and her throat slit with so much force almost decapitated her: "No no, wake up baby, wake up." he says with a crying tone in his voice. He gets down and holds her head tight against his chest, crying: "Please, wake up." Morgan starts to rock his body and looks around: "I can fix this." He puts her down and runs to the bathroom and grabs a towel, he press the towel down on her slit throat: "I can fix this, you'll see, everything will be all right." In a moment of insanity and an effort to bring her back to life, he pushes down harder. With a cracking sound from her neck, he realized what he has just done: "O no, o shit." He starts to punch himself on the head: "What have you done you stupid, stupid fuck."

A sudden crash of metal filing cabinets and cardboard boxes in the basement catches Morgan's' attention. His facial expression changes from sad to insane hatefulness, he grinds his teeth: "The bastard is still here." He quickly jumps up and grabs his hunting rifle from the locked safe.

Without hesitation he runs down into the basement. He sees the murderer going through files as he say with a loud and dominating voice: "Hey! You bastard!" With him in his sight, he pulls the trigger without hesitation. CLICK! Morgan frantically pulls the trigger again and again. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! The murderer pulls a knife and tries to stab Morgan without success. They wrestle each other to get the upper hand and with a surprisingly blow to the throat the murderer stumbles and drops the knife. Morgan races to grab the knife from the ground and with a running jump, jumps on the murderer and stabs him three to four times in the neck. Still sitting on him, Morgan spits in his face and say: "Fuck you!"

Tired from fighting off the murderer, Morgan attempts to get up. As he gets to one knee, he hears the cracking of the wooden stairs behind him, three small spots of blood seeps through his shirt:"What...?" He falls down and a second murderer behind him, with a smoking suppressed pistol, is standing in the dark on the basement stairs

He walks down to Morgan's' lifeless body and kneels down to ensure his dead. He flip Morgan over and with Morgan's' last breath of courage, slashes the second murderers throat. Morgan softly whispers with satisfaction:"It's fixed."


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