Cats Aren't So Innocent as You Think

by Vani Roo

note: I wrote this story when I was in Middle School. I'm 22 at the moment and found this document between some old files. I don't need to have it published, I just want it to be read.

"Cats aren't so innocent as you think."

~The Human-Eating Cats~

By: VaniRoo

Once upon a time there was a family, a quiet, unadventurous kind of family. In other words: a boring family, just like the teenage girl who is part of the family describes it. Her name is Scarlet Graceland. Scarlet lives with her parents, Jamie and Phillip, her grandparents, Mary and Frederic and older brother and sister, Joseph and Jennifer, in an old huge mansion. They just moved in and like any other teenager, it's hard to be the new kid, especially when your family is known to be boring. But she tries to make the best of it, even if she is all alone and friendless. No one wants to make friends with her because of her family.

On one of the many boring rainy nights there was a frightening knock on the door. When Jennifer opened the door, there was nobody there. Al that had been left was an empty basketor so that is what she thoughtinside that basket was a weird looking blue eyed white kitten. Because the kitten looked very adorable Jennifer picked him up and decided to keep him with off course her parents' permission. She called the kitten Boo, because of the scary combination of his blue eyes, white shining body and the dark rainy night. Scarlet never liked cats or kittens, and even if this kitten were the most adorable, cuddliest cat on earth, she would not even come near it. Her secret is that she has been having dreams in which cats are eating humans and killing all mankind, but she never told anyone, everyone would laugh at her. Her parents, grandparents and her older brother enjoyed the stay of the cat and were never interested in how the cat landed at their house. They were always making clear to Scarlet that nothing wrong would happen, but Scarlet just did not thrust the cat. Her sister on the other hand, really loved this kitten, and soon this kitten grew up to be a very pretty and cuddly cat, and the older she grew, the more fans she got. Scarlet's family also changed ever since the cat arrived, they became a very active, non-boring family. It can even be said that they were the coolest family of that neighborhood. But Scarlet still had no friends and with the cat getting all the attention, and she getting less then she wanted, she became jealous of the cat. Whenever something bad came her way, she blamed the cat for it. Her whole family forced her to like the cat, but she really hated it. One day she decided to run away, but then she thought about it and she came to the conclusion that she would not be able to survive alone. She wanted to kill the cat, but then her family would kill her. She had to do something, because she really thought there was something weird about this cat. Since the first time she saw it, those weird blue eyes with that bright white coat, and the way it had been left at her house. And later on she noticed that the cat was never around at night. Her parents explained to her that the cat went for hunting or meeting up with other cats, but Scarlet had a deep feeling that Boo went to do other things. But she could not figure out what. One day she went to the library for a school assignment that, unfortunately, was about cats. She checked out all the books about cats and because she was the only person in the library at that time, the librarian, an old lady, went to have a little talk with her. "Hi, my name is Mrs. Joanna and I see that you are very interested in cats." Scarlet replied: ooh, hi. No, I don't really love like cats. Actually I hate them very much. I am forced to learn about cats for a school assignment " The librarian's face expression turned from curious to serious and she looked down. Then she spoke again: "Well, I know you hate cats, but have you ever heard of Mrs. Sloth?'' There was a huge no written on Scarlet's confused so the librarian continued about Mrs. Sloth: " I know you hate cats, and I think you're new around here, because I've never seen you before, but you need to know about Mrs. Sloth. She was a polite and very old aged woman. She really loved cats. Her whole backyard was literary full of cats. All her cats looked well fed, adorable and cuddly, but no one was allowed to buy or take one. But one day a little girl took one of her cats and Mrs. Sloth did not know. At night the cat ran away and this girl followed it. When the girl returned home she never spoke again, but whenever she saw a cat she screamed of fear. As you can understand, she must've seen something horrible where the cat took her. And ironically Mrs. Sloth and all her cats disappeared from town ever since. It's still a mystery how and why she vanished. The police never took our townspeople serious, so they had to go in Mrs. Sloth's house on their own. Because they found nothing, which would solve the mystery, they closed the house thinking Mrs. Sloth would return someday. That's years from now. All I'm asking you is to be careful with what you say about you hating cats because I've heard that she haunts people who hate cats." Scarlet did not believe the story, but then she thought about Boo. Scarlet:" Where doesdid Mrs. Sloth live?" Mrs. Joanna: "She lived at the apple tree street in a blue mansion. Have you ever seen it?' Scarlet: "I just moved in at that street. And that mansion you're talking about. is on the opposite side of my house!" Mrs. Joanna startled asking if it's true. But Scarlet's was not joking. She hurried home without any book. At home she ran into her room, frightened by Boo. Boo was looking with huge pupils in bright daylight. Scarlet knew that cat's pupils become bigger at night, but Boo was way too early to do that. Scarlet looked from her window to the unoccupied blue house opposite of her. All day and all night. At night she saw her cat headed to the blue mansion. Before the cat even arrived there, one of the lights of the blue house went on and then off. Scarlet knew something was wrong. She told her family all about it, and about Mrs. Sloth and Mrs. Joanna and all the cats, but instead of support, she got grounded. She was not allowed to go to the library for a few daysher parents assumed that the librarian only told that story so Scarlet would like cats. Scarlet wanted the librarian to know, but she did not know how. So she snuck out of her house and went to the library. But the library was closed (duh, it was Saturday evening). Scarlet went back home and to her confusion, no one was at home. She decided to watch the blue house again. And it looked like there were people in there. A few minutes later, she saw her family coming out of that house, greeted by an old lady, who looked a lot like Mrs. Joanna!! She could not believe it; she got served by an old librarian. She was very sad, luckily no one noticed her leaving the house. Her family told her about the good time they had with Mrs. Joanna. And Scarlet decided not to tell her parents anything EVER again. The next week Scarlet wasn't grounded anymore and she still had to finish her assignment. And because there wasn't any library nearby but the one of Mrs. Joanna, she had no choice but to go there. When she got there, it was crowded and Mrs. Joanna wasn't there, some one else was. When she got the books to this other librarian she couldn't help but to ask about Mrs. Joanna. This librarian freaked out and said that no one by that name worked at that library. Scarlet was hopeless. Luckily Dave, who was present at the library, overheard her conversation and went over to Scarlet. Hello I'm Dave, and I'm sorry I overheard your conversation but why did you ask about Mrs. Joanna? He asked. Scarlet replied: "She helped me last week and she told me this weird story about a cat freak woman who used to live in the house opposite of mine, which is supposed to be unoccupied as she told me but now she herself lives in there. Dave did not believe what he heard. "The blue mansion!?" "That's the one!" "Mrs. Joanna Sloth used to live in there years ago and she used to work here as a librarian. A very long time before I was born, she disappeared. My grandma told me all about her. But it's impossible, if she would've been alive, she would've been over 100 years!" Scarlet was scared, "Mrs. Joanna Sloth is death?? Ooh no, I've got to save my family from the cat maniac!"

Dave and Scarlet hurried home, and thank god, Scarlet's family was at home. Then Dave started telling them about Mrs. Joanna, but then Scarlet tried to shut him up, she refused to let her family know about it. Dave thought it was rather a good thing to tell, but Scarlet told him that her family wasn't exactly on her side when needed. So Scarlet introduced Dave to the family as a new friend to change the topic and together they hurried to her room because Scarlet had to "show Dave some new CD's". Dave and Scarlet had to come up with a plan; they had to go to Mrs. Joanna's house to get some proof that she is death and doesn't belong among the living people. They also had to find out why Boo always went there at night. They had to go there while she wasn't home. That's when Scarlet came with an idea: "I'll tell my parents to invite her over to our house and that's when we strike. Then Scarlet's door opened. She freaked out and then she saw that it was just her older brother Joseph. "Scar, I've heard everything you guys were just talking about." "But why are you even here?" "Mom asked me to check on you guys, so you wouldn't do anything wrong. But for now, let's get to the point. Are you sure about Mrs. Joanna?" "Yes Joe, we are sure. But we still have to prove it and send her to you know... where she really belongs, among the death." "I think your plan might work and I'll help covering for you guys. I'll tell mom to ask Mrs. Joanna to come over right away." "Thanks Joe, but you have got to promise that you won't tell anyone else about it!" "Sure thing Scar and remember, be careful and before I forget, take my mobile, I'll keep you guys heads up." That was the first brother-sister connection Scarlet and Joseph ever had in their life and hopefully not the last.

Everything was going as planned, until Scar got to know that Mrs. Joanna couldn't come over, because she was going out of town for a while. That meant that Dave and she had to sneak in her house. They decided to do it as soon as possible, that same night. They covered by telling that they were going to the movies together.

It was night; no light visible in the blue mansion. Boo was just on her way to the house, and Dave and Scarlet were behind her, undercover off course. Finally they reached the house as planned, they tried to look inside, but it was too dark to see anything. They were certain that Mrs. Joanna wasn't at home at that time, so they broke in. The house was covered in spider webs and there was dust everywhere, just something for a death woman. They tried to follow Boo, but Boo was staring at them, so they had to investigate on their own. They walked room in and room out, and still couldn't they find anything. Boo on the other hand kept following them wherever they went. They were already thinking about quitting, when Scarlet discovered a secret door in the study room. They walked to the door, but Boo tried to stop them and she looked very hungry. Still they managed to get to the door and open it. Then Boo ran away. There was a foul stench in the air as they walked in the secret room. It was dark, so they had to use Joseph's mobile flashlight to see, but the battery was dead before they even saw anything. They could not find the switch to turn on the light and still they decided to make further investigation. They walked step by step, and then they heard a lot of purring and screaming sounds coming from another room. They walked until they hit a wall and then they felt a door handle. They opened it and couldn't believe what they saw; cats everywhere, and these cats were around screaming humans! It was a little more then that, these cats were eating the humans and between these cats was Boo! Ripping limbs, licking blood and munching the guts. Dave and Scarlet tried to escape the room and they closed the door, which left all the cats in. Then a light went on in the dark room and suddenly Mrs. Joanna appeared and she looked very angry. Dave and Scarlet tried to get away from her and her house and they succeeded. Then they ran to Scarlet's house and they locked it. There they met Joseph but he wasn't alone and he could read their faces that they were terrified. So all three hurried to a private space and Joseph got to know everything. He was speechless, but he had an idea. If Mrs. Joanna was dead they had to pray for her to go to heaven. The very next morning he set out in search of a priest who could do that. He found some priests, but they didn't believe him, they told him to join the house of insane people. Then he went back home, and on his way home a stranger started talking to him. "I can help you. I destroy the living death." Joseph was helpless so he took this stranger with him and they directly went to the blue mansion with Dave and Scarlet. The stranger started chanting some phrases and out came all the hungry cats and Mrs. Joanna. And as if they were all hypnotized, they went to a room in the house that wasn't there when Dave and Scarlet were in the house last night. And in this room was a man with a very long beard whose body was chewed on some places, it looked like cat bites. The stranger went to the old man and chanted louder, the old man couldn't take the chanting and then there was a huge explosion of lights and then the old man, Mrs. Joanna and all the cats disappeared, except for Boo. Then the stranger spoke:" The old long bearded man was Mr. Sloth, who loved cats very much. He was so poor at a time that he couldn't buy any cat food so he gave his body to feed his cats. But since then his cats only eat humans, and not just any humans, living humans. Mrs. Joanna hated cats very much, and did some voodoo so the cats would never eat her. Since that was done, she started loving the cats and soon, she became addicted to them and crazy about them. One day a girl unknowingly took one of her cats and at night when the cat ran away she followed it. This girl then saw that Mrs. Joanna was feeding her cat a living human and she never spoke ever since and she feared cats. Mrs. Joanna disappeared with all her cats. And when she and the cats died, they had to take revenge because the little girl saw everything. The white cat survived, because the white cat was the only living soul among the death in this house. You know enough, I must go now." And without hearing any thank you or anything, the stranger walked away. Then Dave, Scarlet and Joseph promised each other never to tell anyone about this incident and they went home. Everyone was happy, Scarlet had a friend and she liked the cat a little, but she still experienced her horrible nightmares. She was brought closer to her family and everyone lived happily ever after. And what about Boo? Boo stayed in the blue house after Dave, Scarlet and Joseph left and when they were gone she went into the room where there was still one half eaten human left. She ate the rest of it and hurried home into Jennifer's arms. But that's another story

(This is just something I thought about people,

I'm sorry to say that cats do NOT eat humans,

But it would be cool!)

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